Movie of the Day – Babel

It is a little daunting sometimes to think that in some way, every person in the world is connected to one another.  Through the use of online social networks, cell phone expansion, or even blogging (case in point) our world is seemingly becoming a tighter net of communication.  I can post this blog article and the next thing I know, someone thousands of miles away might read this and connect with it in some way.  At least I want to believe that I have that sort of effect or even having international fans.  So I will leave my pipe dreams out of the post and get to the point of the opening.

Babel, a 2006 film that was able to tell a story that connected the entire world (at least the world in which the film takes place).  It’s about how everyone’s action, big or small, will be felt by everyone around them, even those that are on an entirely different continent.  The actions that happen to us can be perceived as random or accidental, but director Alejandro González Iñárritu aims to show us that even with distance and language separating us from one another, our actions and those of others all have a way of connecting to one another.

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Movie of the Day – Why We Fight

I found that this is an appropriate documentary to bring to light now that today marks the end of Iraq operations.  While this was an extremely long time coming, this more f a time to reflect on the instances and meaning of going to war.  In some ways, it honestly feels like this is a never ending war, even with the withdraw happening.  So a rather poignant documentary to watch today, one that explores the question of why we fight.

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