Movie Review – I Declare War

Well I hope everyone is having an excellent Labor Day weekend, I certainly have so it’s time to put out another post on the blog.  Sadly I have been slipping on duties of posting everyday since like July, but I am hopefully going to be less busy and start getting back into the swing of things.  So like usual, I have been working with the fine folks at Lost In Reviews and now I have another review to put out for everyone!

This time around I talk about I Declare War, which is a fantastic film about kids taking the game of capture the flag to the most imaginative step possible.  Check it out on VOD or in theaters as it is finally getting a wide release.

As usual, there is an excerpt of the review and a link to the full article.  Enjoy!

I Declare War is the movie that we all lived and experienced when we were young and outside playing with friends.  It is the sort of movie that reminds you what it is like being a young kid and getting a group of friends together to play war.  Whether you were the rich kids with your cool Nerf toys, engaging in neighborhood combat with super soakers or dare I say, using your imagination, you lived what this movie is showcasing; a group of kids using their imagination to play out an expansive game of capture the flag.  The latest release from Drafthouse Films and directors Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson take that childhood game of war and turning it into a reflection on growing up between the time of being young and carefree, but also the looming notion of being a teen.

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I Declare War 1b

Movie of the Day – WarGames

I have never wanted to be a hacker more in my life until I watched WarGames for the first time.  I spend some time playing computer games, but I have never stumbled onto a military server in which I engage in a game called Global Thermonuclear War with an AI named W.O.R.P.  Apparently Matthew Broderick was a gifted hacker in the 80s with Ferris Bueller changing his absences and then that one movie with the monkeys training for space.  He was, for the brief time in my life, my idol…that was until I saw Bullitt and I wanted to be Steve McQueen.

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Movie of the Day – Iron Sky

A science fiction movie.  Nazis.  Space.  Moon base.  Nazi moon base.  The invasion begins.  Fucking sweet.

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Movie of the Day – The Bang Bang Club

I assure you that this isn’t a review for an adult film, although I am willing to bet that there is one out there with this exact title.  While I am sure that the acting is earnest in the adult film, The Bang Bang Club carries a lot of emotional weight with the adaptation of the auto-biographical book of the same name.  Some may not be familiar with the group of photographers who were entrenched in South Africa, just before the fall of the apartheid, but you might be familiar with their prize winning photographs, namely this Pulitzer Prize photo shot by Kevin Carter.  This tells the story of the photography group who shocked the world with their photos and stories.

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Movie of the Day – Red Dawn


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Movie of the Day – The Messenger (2009)

On this Memorial Day, I know it is weirdly customary for some reason to watch war movies.  Now I am all for a good war film, but watching a film like Platoon or Saving Private Ryan on a day when we are honoring veterans doesn’t seem a bit kosher to me.  Maybe it’s just me, but that is how I feel.  So if you were to watch a film about war or about people who served in war times, I think today’s film pick is an unsung film that captures the emotional impact and somber effect about those who have served and what their service means to family or loved ones.  The Messenger is a film that looks at the other side of war, the one where people don’t come back from their war to their families and friends, instead the news is broken to them all by the words of servicemen tasked with the most difficult job of all.

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Movie of the Day – U-571

After coming off the explosion high that was “Battleship” I decided to stick a naval warfare genre for today’s post.  Yesterday saw me looking back fondly on the “it’s so bad it’s good” film, “Battle: Los Angeles” and remembering that yes, they did say that the aliens have no air support.  As ridiculous as that statement is, I like when things go boom and guns firing.  I am American and it doesn’t get more American than that.  So I decided on today’s post cause it was playing on TBS one day and I remember that I really enjoy this strong ensemble, American version of “Das Boot”, known as U-571.  Now I will say that while entertaining, this is a butchering of the actual events of the allied efforts to capture the German coding machine called, Enigma.  How did they butcher it, well it was Americans that were credited for the capture of the device, but I won’t lecture you too much on the pathos of this film, rather I will talk about the strong acting and tense, claustrophobic scenes that heighten the mood and creates an engaging story.

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Movie of the Day – Battle: Los Angeles

In a few short hours, I will be watching Battleship.  Before you ask why, let me direct your attention to the Summer Movie post I put out that indicates my general wanting to see this cinematic masterpiece.  I know it will be entertaining, explosions and gratuitous special effects can do that to a general audience.  Heck even The Avengers was a visual eye candy film and that one will be no different.  My expectations are low, low enough that I will enjoy it a base level as I will not care for the characters they are trying to make me care for.  With that said, I wanted to pick a film today that represents the sort of action film that Battleship will be, one of cliches and familiar territory, while pumping you full of action to keep you entertained.  And when you think about, that’s all you can ask in an action film.

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Movie of the Day – Saving Private Perez

So today is Cinco de Mayo, which means everyone gets the chance to be Mexican for the day and drink Corona’s (bleh) and eat Mexican food, which honestly is what I do most days.  Stereotypes are there for a reason.  Anyways, so while I could write about some incredible important Mexican film to commemorate the day we defeated France (who hasn’t really), but I decided I must show you this ridiculous film that is streaming on Netflix.  It is like the Mexican version of Saving Private Ryan, but you know, with more cartel shootings and Mexican soap opera drama.

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Movie of the Day – The Battle of Algiers

Not really the sort of film to follow up my previous Movie of the Day, but one that can’t be ignored either because of the subject matter.  I can’t begin to state that I am not fully into Geo-political conflicts, so my knowledge of the depiction of the Algerian War is a bit fractured, but make no mistake that the subject matter depicted in the film is a stark reminder of the current situation that we face during our military campaigns.  Whenever I hear about certain world conflicts in the news, my mind wanders towards this film.  It isn’t because of some knee-jerk reaction, but because the film itself is an important piece of cinema that managed to capture the spirit and impact of the beginning of a revolution.

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