Movie of the Day – The Warriors

Time for a little turf rumble.  You got The Alleycats, The Amsterdam All-Stars, The Baseball Furies, The Black Hands, The Blackjacks, The Big Trains, The Boppers, The Boyle Avenue Runners, The Knuckles, The Lizzies, The Locos, The Magicians, The Meatpackers, The Mongols, The Moonrunners, The Napoleons, The Terriers, The Turks, The Turnbull AC’s, The Van Cortlandt Rangers, and The Warriors.  If you didn’t recognize most of the names on this list, then you are not a fan of The Warriors.  That’s right, I am talking about baddest gang movie to come out of the late 70’s suckas.  Now it didn’t do well at the box office, in fact it is more of a cult classic than anything else because of the low budget, simple script, cast with relative unknowns (except for badass James Remar) and was more exploitative in nature.  Out of all these little things, The Warriors is a fucking dope movie, with interesting gangs, interesting premise and some bitching street fights.

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Movie of the Day – Get Carter

Yeah baby, talking about the 1971 Michael Caine classic and not the abomination that was the remake of Get Carter that starred Stalone.  Get Carter is just a brutal, brutal movie that has Michael Caine taking on the mob underworld in a very well paced revenge flick that has a lot more to offer than just shotgun blasts and death.  No, Michael Caine brings his charming Britishisms to the role of a revenge seeking killer of mob men and makes for supremely satisfying action flick.

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Movie of the Day – The Bay

I realize I have decidedly put my foot, firmly in the ground in defiance to the use of shaky cam, found footage movies in Hollywood.  Lazy filmmaking at its finest is all I have to say and frankly executives practically jizz themselves at the words “found footage” and “shaky cam”.  I will admit that there are some exceptions to the rule with some incredibly novel concepts that yield some gold from the idea.  V.H.S and Chronicle both ended up being really enjoyable flicks that otherwise wouldn’t have gotten made if it weren’t for the two aforementioned words that Hollywood loves.  Today, no thanks to a trailer that got me fairly excited for something interesting, I give you the latest “found footage” movie that should be worth your time and that is The Bay.

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Movie of the Day – Death Wish

Oh boy, how do I tip toe around this movie so as not to seem like some sort of revenge seeking, street justice, manic vigilante inhibitor.  I mean I like violent movies, but this is one where there is some sort of vigilante fantasy come to life where the citizens of the world can’t depend on the police to resolve matters, but they themselves become the problem solvers.  Death Wish is the sort of movie that fulfills that itch that some citizens have, the man who takes justice into his hands and just cleanses the streets of the evil that fills it.  Actually you know what…this movie fucking rocks.  Thanks Charles Bronson!

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Movie of the Day – Bullet To The Head

Some days, I just want a brain rotting action flick to alleviate the worries of the world of movie watching.  We all have to have our junk food movies that are just terrible but strangely satisfying, so I know that if I want an action movie that is the equivalent of fast food, I know I can rely on the actors of The Expendables cast to deliver that sort of movie.  Today I am talking about the graphic novel adaptation film, Bullet To The Head.  And if you can believe a 67 year old Stallone can still hold his own against a younger crop of action stars out there, then you are going to fucking love the shit out of this movie.  Even pushing 70, that man looks frightening in terms of his shredded look and he can still produce a fun action movie at the most base of levels.

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Movie of the Day – Safe

I am honestly beginning to think there is a new genre of action films that is purely defined as Statham.  His movies are in a world of their own, where he is best driver in the world, one of the most difficult men to kill in his film and is an unmatched fighter.  His films follow a particular structure of death and destruction that only pander to the base needs that film goers want when they see a Statham movie.  I want him to either a) drive cars in the most actiony way possible, b) shot lots of guns at people, c) make quips and lots of them, and finally d) beat up everyone who gets in his way.  The latest film, Safe, for a lack of a better word, is pretty much a safe film that delivers us what we come to expect with Jason Statham films.  It’s not rocket science, but damned if the science isn’t fun to watch.

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Movie of the Day – The Expendables 2

God I am having one of those days where I just need a loud, senseless movie to just escape into and wouldn’t you know it, here we go.  A movie that brought together so much manliness, explosions, blood, and a cobbling of all the action movies in existence, The Expendables 2 was enjoyable in the way that I enjoy Commando or Demolition Man or that one movie where Van Damme plays twins who fight some sort of drug lord cause that was the thing you did in the early 90s.  This wasn’t a great movie by means, but satiated that need to see wonderfully over-the-top violence and action scenes.

I will admit, I was a little displeased as to how both of The Expendable movies turned out.  The story was crap, didn’t care much about the characters and too many callbacks and in-jokes between the characters that harkened to their previous roles.  Then again, I am watching an action movie that is supposed to be a throwback to the uber violent 80s and 90s action movie which is where most, if not all the stars found their fame in.  The movie is just fun to watch in the brainless sense, so take it at face value with this movie.  It is fun to see all these action stars in one place, just wiping out armies that could probably occupy a medium size country and the winks to the audience can be a bit charming if not serve to remind you that you are watching a ridiculous movie.

I can’t hate on it too much, since I did give it a middle of the road score.  I knew what I was getting into and frankly that is all I can ask for with this movie.  Loud explosions, lots of grunting, plenty of action and nothing else.

Below is a snippet from my original review and a link to the whole thing.  Enjoy!

The story of The Expendables 2 see’s….you know what, fuck it.  Who honestly gives a shit about the story for this movie?  I am sure that Stallone sat down and pulled out his signature designed, limited edition Montegrappa Pen entitled “Chaos” and churned out a story by cobbling together all the plot and story points from past films.  A little Rambo here, a sprinkle of Commando there, some Hard Target right in this area and then a climatic orgy of bullets and explosions.  He sent that script to the studio’s, they pass out from sensory overload and Stallone took the script, loaded a shotgun full of his Montegrappa Pens and shot that script to shit.  Seriously, I can’t stop talking about this pen cause it’s pretty much the greatest thing in the world that he had to show it off in the movie itself.  I mean, fucking look at it!

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Movie of the Day – Invasion U.S.A.

Everyone knows that Chuck Norris’ chief export is pain.  So buckle the fuck up cause he is going to be delivering a whole boatload of pain in one of the most kick ass action flicks out there, all due to the fine folks at Cannon and Golan Globus films.  It’s Invasion USA!!!

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Movie of the Day – Penitentiary 3

Ah the Cannon Group, a film company that’s only purpose to churn out mid to low grade movies with bottom of the barrel scripts and basically turning shit into unadulterated gold.  They are the group responsible for movie like Bloodsport, Invasion USA, Breakin’ and Rockula.  During the heyday of the 80s, they paired with Golan Globus to release one of the single most amazing prison films ever made folks.  I am talking better than any other prison movie that has been released or will ever be released.  After the jump you will see why.

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Movie of the Day – King of New York

Any movie with Christopher Walken in it is a good movie in my book.  Except of course for Click, The Stepford Wives remake, Hairspary, Man of the Year, Domino, Gigli, Kangaroo Jack, The Country Bears, and Blast From The Past.   I guess not all of them can winners, but I will say that his good outweigh the bad.  Today I want a little gritty film to talk about and why Abel Ferrara’s crime drama King of New York.  Sure Ferrara is probably better known for Bad Lieutenant, but Walken and company make King of New York one of my favorite movie’s of Ferrara’s filmography.

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