Movie of the Day – Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

This isn’t so much a movie as it is a web series that makes us yearn for this to be made into a movie.  Sometimes, this is all we are going to get and we better like it.  The Halo series is, I better tread lightly here so as not to offend fanboys and arm-chair warriors of the internet, a great series.  I remember many a lan parties where I would get together with friends and play pistols on Hang Em High or whatever other maps there were.  I remember the story of Halo, right up till I stopped playing after Halo 3.  Sure some will decry that I am not a true fan to give this movie a fair shake or be well versed to accurately talk about the series itself as anything Halo means the legion of fanboys come out to defend it.  Well they can screw off as my movie of the day post is more about bringing attention to some stuff I like to watch and this certainly was one of them.  It makes me wish that an actual Halo movie be made, but that probably won’t happen.  So enjoy the series and see what there is after the jump.

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Movie of the Day – Chasing Ghosts: Beyond The Arcade

Now I don’t particularly remember the good old days of the local arcades.  The quarter pumping classics that lined the side walls of many roller rinks, mall outlets or even the lone system at the pizza parlor.  I grew up in the time of Nintendo and Sega, the home consoles being my general outlet for gaming, but there were places where you could go to be transported back to the time when the only noises were the bleeps from the machine and the constant pounding of buttons from players trying to beat the high score.  I always liked going to my arcade from time to time and playing Street Fighter or the latest, epileptic seizure inducing game, but something about old school arcade games are really the most trying of the games.  They tested your skills and were truly agonizing in terms of satisfaction.  Damn those are good games.

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Movie of the Day – Indie Game: The Movie

I haven’t done a documentary in a while and I wanted to definitely talk about this particular documentary that a gamer friend of mine showed me a while back.   I am definitely a casual gamer by definition.  I don’t spend countless hours honing my skills in multiplayer games developed for the mass market.  If I ever play a game, it’s usually one that I can lose myself in from time to time.   I love RPGs, mainly because of the investment in development of my character and getting immersed in a world and story.  Mass Effect and Borderlands are two that I have been playing religiously as of late, putting in a few hours when I can here and there, but while the mass appeal of those games are great with their big budget productions, I do yearn for something a bit more unique and outside the box.  That is where the indie game market comes into play.  That is the subject of the documentary, a look into the world of those that communicate with the gaming community through these micro games that buck the big distributors and studios.  They find success amongst those that welcome creativity and the development of independent games.

Also if you want to find me online, my Xbox handle is HumorousIcarus2.

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Movie of the Day – The FP

In the future, those Asian kids who are insanely good at Dance Dance Revolution will control the world.  That is if The FP is any indicator of our future, arguments, turf wars and general revenge pride schemes are settled in the ancient combat of Beat Beat Revelation.  I take back everything I have ever said bad about dance movies, cause if it wasn’t them we probably wouldn’t have Battlefield America and The FP.  Prepare for the dance battle of your life.

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Movie of the Day – Double Dragon

Holy.  Shit.  What the fuck?  I have never seen trailer that just is more incoherent than the actual movie it is showcasing.  I don’t even know what this movie is about judging solely from the trailer and that’s not a good thing.  I guess they were just banking on the fact that teens would have recognized the name of the movie and then immediately think of the arcade game Double Dragon.  Lord and the trailer music, what the hell is that?  Geez, well you know me folks and my love of awesome movies and bad movies and this definitely falls between the two categories.  Prepare for an onslaught of hyper colored 90s settings, decent action sequences, Alyssa Milano looking extra sexy and Robert Patrick with a hideous high top white hair cut.

Also Scott Wolf is an action star apparently.

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Movie of the Day – Mortal Kombat


I remember when this movie came out and I had to go see it with my gamer friends.  I mean I was like 10 at the time and my parents drove us to go see a movie in which the premise is about Earth’s best fighters fighting ninja’s or whatever in a fight to the death.  I was excited that yet another fighting video game getting the big screen treatment, but after Street Fighter showed no one fighting in the street or whatever, this movie looked like it had all the dark marking of the video game I played for hours on end, but with none the fatalities.

Once that opening yell of MORTAL KOMBAT came over the speakers, I just buckled up and prepared to watch a video game come to life.

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Trailer Time! – Swagger Edition

Lord I haven’t done a trailer time in a long time, but you know I haven’t forgotten the love of film trailers here on Another Plot Device.  So to make up for my lost time and negligence of posting about trailers, I am bringing you nothing but the best this time around.  Put on your dancing shoes, grab the ghetto blaster and thrown down the cardboard on the concrete.  Time to pop and lock this shit to the break of dawn with today’s trailers.

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Trailers of the Week – Carnage & Beyond the Game

Better late than never I always say.  While the post is a day behind I feel that, thanks to /  for their amazing coverage on all things film, that I was able to stumble upon a few trailers that caught my eye and hopefully will catch yours.  Coming at you today is new film by Roman Polanski entitled “Carnage” and an unfinished documentary called “Beyond the Game”.  Both look fascinating with Polanski releasing another film and the documentary covering the video game culture.


Wow is all I have to say when you have a film that brings together Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz and John C. Reily for a manic comedy about two families coming discussing about what their respective children did in a brawl they were involved in.  The fact that Polanski has put together a stellar cast of actors and actresses is enough to get me to the theater.  Plus I love when adults are reduced to children bickering back and forth and snidely making comments about the other parents kids.  Good times 🙂

Beyond the Game:

Yes I am a gamer, maybe not to the degree as some other really competitive people in the gaming culture, but I am a gamer.  But the documentary isn’t just about games, instead to looks beyond the games that we play and grew up with and focuses on the culture that surrounds gaming.  They look at the competitive nature of gaming tournaments which have a huge following and tests the participants in incredible, reaction based gaming.  It follows the culture chiptunes or 8-bit music where musicians have taken their love of music of video games and the machines distinct sound to create their music.  Then it jumps to the influence of gamers as they grow up and how the game effect their lives.  We may chide gamers as being these anti-social rejects who sit in a basement and play games all day, but the documentary shows that games are more than just a visual stimulus, but a culture onto itself.

Movie of the Day – Scott Pilgrim vs The World

I am going to reveal something that might shock some of you.  I just want to brace you all for this sudden realization.  I am a geek.  In fact, I am a geek about comics, games (board and video) and movies.  I can’t help it, I have this compulsion to seek out the geekiest things and embrace everything about it.  Thanks dad for the X-Men comics and lifetime of remembering useless things like who made up the original members of Alpha Flight and the entire back story of the Phoenix Saga.  The Nintendo game system is another push into the realm of geekdom.  Countless hours spent playing and then when I found out about role playing video games, I was lost to the mist and wonder of geek life.  So let’s jump years into my life past the awkward teen phase and past my awkward college phase all the way to September 4th 2010 and the day that all my geek loves combined together for an unforgettable movie experience that is, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

It was the culmination of all my love of things geeky.  You got a kick ass adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s pop culture, game and geek fueled book series, Scott Pilgrim.  If you have never read the series, please take a look, especially if you are a gamer or lover of all things geeky.  Then taking this book series and making it into a movie, I just about died.  Finding out that the movie was going to be directed by Edgar Wright, the man who brought us Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, I experienced pure bliss.  So a book about video games, music, and pop culture was going to be turned into a movie, something that I love, this was going to be pure win.

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Movie of the Day – Grandma’s Boy

I got to tell you all, between all the storms and tornado warnings and actual tornado’s, it’s been a crappy couple of days.  I need some cheering up and a stoner comedy is just the medicine I need.  Preferably medicinal in nature.  So I am very happy to have an under appreciated stoner comedy from the folks at Happy Madison production on hand to make me laugh, with or without help, not sure.

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