Movie of the Day – Blade II

So good and campy that I had to go ahead with the second one in the franchise.  I certainly won’t be pushing any praise on that craptastic third Blade film, Blade Trinity, cause fuck that sucked.  No I want to go into the often crapped on, but ultimately pleasing sequel to the breakout hit Blade with the sequel directed by Guillermo Del Toro.  Yeah, he ended up making a wildly satisfying flick that gave us more of what made the original fun to watch, but neglected to give us anything in terms of plot, dialogue, or anything else that could have made this flick.  But fuck all that, lets get to the Daywalker goodness of vampire hunting.

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Movie of the Day – Blade

So Wesley Snipes got out of prison this past week, which means a Blade 4 or whatever is probably going to be in the works as we speak.  Now I liked the first two Blade pics, not the last one with Ryan Reynolds and something about a super vampire or whatever, but the Blade series has always been this campy, fetish style horror, action flick that delivered on what it wanted and that is about all you can ask for.  I am not looking for something deep or prophetic, just Blade going around town, killing vampires, playing techno music and always betting on black.

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Movie of the Day – The Lost Boys

Today’s post is more or less inspired by the recent Mondo poster releases.  You got to love this company and their stable of artists who just turn out some amazing prints like today’s:

Lost Boys 1a

Now I am a buyer of all things Mondo and I do have a certain fondness for this movie, along with the Corey’s and Sutherland who made a killer vampire movie.  This print though, doesn’t scream The Lost Boys, mainly cause of the bat.  While excellent, I was drooling over Phantom City Creative’s secondary print, which I am currently bidding on Ebay for:

Lost Boys 1b

Now that is what I call a perfect poster that reflects the pure 80s feel of this movie.  The Lost Boys though will always conjure up images of one thing in particular for me.  One thing that defines this vampire movie as one of the best out there.  Sure it could be the Goonies like feel amongst the vampire slayers, the gritty, punk aesthetic the vampires have or the sheer insanity of the violence and ensuing battle that happens near the end of the movie.

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Movie of the Day – I Am Legend

I am going to keep with the pandemic theme since my illness is still kicking my ass and this is a late post.  Sucks being bed ridden and tired.  So yeah, I Am Legend, I got to say that I am a fan of this movie, but I will contest that there are a lot of things that hampered my initial enjoyment of the movie, which I will get into after the jump, but suffice to say I am a staunch supporter of this movie despite the blow back from viewers.  Again, this movie hits upon the whole post apocalyptic tones that I love in movies, seeing the lone survivor angle in a wasteland of danger and desolate locations.  The ending though, bad bad bad.  I do much prefer the “controversial ending” that was included on the home video release and it isn’t really controversial.

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Shit Movie of the Day – Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

I have never in my life, seen a more dramatic trailer for a movie that literally was even more boring than the first movie.  Yeah, I know I should probably watch the entire series in order to have a succinct opinion on the series, but when I can fill in the blanks by just watching the first and fourth movie, that’s not a great sign for an on going series.  So without further waiting, lets break into this movie.

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Shit Movie of the Day – Twilight


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Movie of the Day – The Monster Squad (Revisited)

I just had to, HAD TO, post this movie again for the final day of my month long horror movie post.  This…this movie is the seminal childhood movie that I look back and think, “yeah, I am a movie watcher now”.  It is this movie and The Goonies which will be my favorite childhood movies ever.  Undisputed classics, but for Halloween, I felt I needed to bring this movie up again.  It is one of my favorite movies and it includes all the classic Universal Monsters in their glory.

This movie has it all, teen adventure, comedy, horror, vampires, mummies, werewolves, nard kicking, silver bullets, chubby fat kid that ends up being bad ass, action, frankenstein, creatures from some sort of lagoon and even montages!

If you have never seen this movie, I don’t want anything to do with you.  If you are a lady and haven’t seen it, well that’s ok i guess, but see this movie now.

Below is an excerpt from my original post and a link to the whole enchilada.  Happy Halloween!

There were three movies from the 80′s that made me who I am today.  First was The Wizard and the fact that I like to game, also it helped that I am a boy and video games are ingrained in my DNA coding.  Second, The Goonies was more or less a pivotal coming of age story to me.  A band of misfit kids going on an adventure, getting shot at, discovering a lost pirate ship, all without the supervision of adults.  The last movie did more than define me a man, it prepared me for life.  A life in which vampires, mummies, creature from some sort of Black Lagoon, and Werewolves were real and can be defeated.  No longer did I need to fear these obviously fictitious creatures, but rather I use this as a holy bible to defeat mythological creatures.  Also it taught me the word “nards” to mean balls.  I really wish people would use “nards” again.  The Monster Squad takes me back, like a young college student looking back on their posted Facebook pictures from some drunken night, I look back on this movie with great fondness and befuddlement.  Seriously, where the fuck were all the parents in every single one of these kid movies.  Kidding me that they can battle the undead and monsters without mom or dad asking questions.  The 80s were a weird time.

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Movie of the Day – Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

The Son of God never seemed cooler until he started hunting vampires.  I am pretty certain that my time in catholic school didn’t cover any of Jesus’ vampire hunting adolescence.  I guess they just wanted to from his birth to his crucifixion in one school year, I would have probably done a lot better in religion class if they taught this.  All I have to say to this is let the power of Christ IMPALE YOU!

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Movie of the Day – Monster Brawl

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!  Get ready for a royal rumble of the some of the most feared and respected monsters of our time.  Watch as these titans of fear enter the ring in order to determine who is the monster supreme!  Watch this maelstrom of fangs, claws, superhuman strength and magic collide in one of the most talked about, drunken conversation questions that has come up in every conversation.  Yes this is the battle royal of all time and YOU are invited to root for your favorite monsters like Cyclops and Witch Bitch.  IT’S GOING TO BE A BLOOD BATH!

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Movie of the Day – Vampire’s Kiss

I love watching Nic Cage lose his shit while acting.  There is this pure, manic, unbridled insanity that comes through his acting when he doesn’t have any restraints placed on him.  Sure, he has his hits and misses, but even his misses are pure magic, the kind that would get you put to death in 1800’s for being possessed.  While I could do a top list on the best Cage freakouts on screen (Ed Note: it will happen soon), I decided I just want to do a quick post over one movie that pretty much encapsulates the essence of cage.  The movie today is Vampire’s Kiss and if you have never seen this movie, you are in for something spectacular.

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