Movie of the Day – Transformers: The Movie

No shitty Michael Bay Transformers, we are going back to the innocent time of 1986 when Hasbro decided to make an epic Transformers cartoon film with a truly 80s soundtrack and more “pew pew” lasers than anyone young kid could handle.  While the G.I. Joe film came out after the release of Transformers, there was no denying that the potent combination of transforming robots and G.I. Joe’s were enough to send every red blooded child of the 80s into a catatonic state of euphoria.  For me, when I saw this movie, I will always hold this as the truest form of entertainment in the realm of the Transformers genre.  You know why this movie is held in such high regard?  Well for one thing, the opening sequence is one of the most pant’s shitting moments in a kids life.  Believe me when I say this, Hasbro knows how to open up a movie.

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