Movie of the Day – Trailer War

A short and sweet post this evening as I have been busy with trivia, work and heading out to the Alamo Drafthouse to meet Lloyd Kaufman, Mr. Troma himself.  So today’s movie of the day is actually a compilation movie that happened to be a combined effort between the Alamo Drafthouse and the American Genre Film Archive, a group who is dedicated to preserving 35mm prints of all kinds.  They currently have over 3500 35mm prints from movies to long forgotten trailers, like the ones you see in Trailer Wars.  It’s a loving collection of some of the most insane, sexy, over the top trailers that you could ever imagine, thrown together in a compilation movie that showcase just how awesome cinema is.  The art of the trailer making is on full display with trailers for weird, gory, sexually charged and downright awesome movies that you might thought of never existing.  Seeing this on screen was a total pleasure with a barrage of trailers for movies that I started seeking out.

You have to try and rent this, especially if you are a fan of the genre of exploitation, action, and just about everything under the sun.  It’s a fun time getting to see what sort of fucking absurd movies got made and what the folks at the AGFA were able to salvage and display for us.  A veritable buffet of every genre of film is showcased through the art of the trailers.

Trailer War

Summer Movie Spectacular: August Edition

Well the summer is coming to a close, this post is a few days late, but whatever, there are a bunch of movie that I need to see to sate my cinematic exploits.  After a raucous July with The Dark Knight Rises and whatever else decided to release that month, I have to say TDKR was the only bright spot in the month.  Spiderman and The Watch were big let downs and I was able to catch a few of the documentaries, which will have reviews soon.  But the August month is more or less a dumping ground for big dumb, fun movie and I am looking forward to catching a few of them this month.  Also I am seeing Klown this weekend so I am stoked for that.  Well, here’s what looks good and what doesn’t look good.

Good film seeing folks!

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Summer Movie Spectacular: July Edition

Well, I would have gotten this out earlier, but I don’t have a funny or valid excuse as to why that happened.  Just know that the only movie in July that will ever matter is The Dark Knight Rises.  Now there are other movies out there, which I will cover, but if you aren’t excited for the latest Batman flick, I don’t even want to talk to you.  So below is my list of must see, must avoid and toss ups.  Enjoy!

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Summer Movie Spectacular: June Edition

As May is starting wind up and the heavy hitter films of Battleship, Men in Black 3 and some other non-eessential viewing opening blockbusters, what you should get excited for is the upcoming month of June and the assortment of films that hit about every demographic possible.  We are looking at films aimed at tweens, goth kids, ninja fans, apocalyptic genre fans, even fans of male stripping.  As usual, there is a whole slew of films that I wish I could see but will have to keep the list of films to those that I definitely will make an effort to see and those that I will steer clear of because I don’t hate myself.  I will say that I will gladly see the films I don’t want to shell out money for if I can get some press passes so I can rip on them for the hell of it.  It’s a tough hobby/job but I do it for you, my readers.  So start saving your allowance and  break open the piggy bank, June is going to be a hell of a month.

Also I do realize that there are a lot of other films that are out on VOD or limited release, so I tried to catch the June releases that were interesting and major, along with ones that are just horrific.

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Trailer Time! – Too many to count

Alright, it has been a long time coming for another trailer posting special, so here you go.  I got a handful of trailers that are getting me pumped, either because they are thought provoking or downright ridiculous.  In any case, take a look and get excited!

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Trailer Time! – Lockout & Iron Sky

I am really excited to be talking about these trailers since one is utterly ridiculous and so far out there that it was love at first sight.  The other trailer tickles my science fiction fancy and finally sees Guy Pierce in a BA role since The Proposition.  Actually both of the trailers are of the Sci-Fi realm that I know I will see them on day one when they hit the theaters.  So let’s get this started shall we.

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Trailer Time! – Shame & Moonrise Kingdom

Wahoo!!!  Time for another batch of trailers to get you psyched for movies and going to the movies and popcorn and all that jazz.  I got two new trailers, one for a recent release that is making the rounds on the art house scene because of it’s rating and new trailer for a brand new Wes Anderson release.  Are you excited?!  You will be once you see what’s in store today!

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Movie of the Day – Be Kind Rewind

If you spent any time on Youtube just checking out fan submissions of trailers and recreations of scenes, you have participated in Sweded film viewings.  Sweded videos are just recreation of existing movies or scenes with a limited budget and generally done in the quickest way possible.  It’s inventive and creative to watch these fan films come to life with just the source material and little creativity.  So this leads into the movie of the day post which has an absurdly creative director and visual technician like Michel Gondry basing an entire movie around the idea of Sweding.  Be Kind Rewind is a little throwback to the visual style of the VHS medium will embracing the creativity of film.

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Trailers of the Week – Chronicle & The Flowers of War

Been a while since I post some trailer but I got a new batch that incredibly interesting.  I will try and continue the weekly trailer posts as it keeps me honest.  So today, a superhero movie about developing powers and a foreign film with Batman (Christian Bale) in the lead.  It”s also done by Zhang Yimou.


First, I am sort of growing tired with the found footage genre of movies.  It’s tiring, it allows for sloppy camera work to mask the short comings of the cinematography and a cheap visual ploy.  They all follow this standard path and it’s jarring sometimes to watch the action unfold.  Some movies used this well; [REC] and Blair Witch, Cloverfield a little bit too much wonky camera work and the rest are just jittery movie that have not much else to offer.  Second, this is what the show Heroes should have been.  I can see the angle of the documented footage chronicling the powers that the kids have working to its advantage.  Given our ever increasing usage of technology in our daily lives, seeing three young people use their new found powers for Punkd style antics fits just right in.  But where the movie shines is the unfolding of their powers.  We see one kid essentially have the trappings of a villain and it’s understandable since they are young and don’t realize what they have.  I am excited to see what this movie has in store, since it is a superhero style movie and it has my money already.

The Flowers of War:

This is making the rounds as an official submission to the Best Foreign Film category in the Oscars this year, The Flowers of War is a depiction of the 1937 Massacare of Nanking or Rape of Nanking where Japanese troops raped and murdered the women and children of Nanking in China.  The film looks incredibly compelling and emotional as it depicts the events of the massacre in all the horrific details we can imagine.  So far I have seen other clips of the movie online and it is terribly brutal to watch.  But there is some redemption in the form of Bale’s acting and the story overall.  The film has a mix of English, Japanese and Chinese languages in the film, so it adds to the layers of the film with realism and strong direction from Zhang Yimou.

Trailers of the Week – Double Dose of Trailers

Well I missed last weeks post and now I am behind a few days on this post.  Damn my movie watching!  Anyways the wait is worth it since I can post the newly released Avengers trailer on here and you know, that will be the first trailer of this post.  ONWARD!

The Avengers:

FUCK YES!  This is what we have been waiting as comic book fans since Marvel Studios came into being.  It was well known that once Marvel Studios formed, they would start working on an overarching series of movies that tie the Marvel universe together.  Seeing all these stars and comic book characters in one trailer is practically euphoric.  Sure there will be a lot of quick retorts from Downey, a lot of hair flipping from Johansson, and on screen camera hogs, but shit does it look awesome.  Also the best thing about it, Loki is the villain.  I always loved his character from the Thor comics and felt he got the short end of the stick with character development thanks to Marvel and their rush to get these movies out in a timely matter for The Avengers.

We Bought A Zoo:

Good lord is that not an emotional trailer?  They got me with the inclusion of a Sigur Ros song in the trailer.  Thanks a lot Cameron Crowe.  Aside from the trailer, this looks absolutely beautiful.  A story about a family that buys up a Zoo and brings it back to life all while maintaining the family bond is touching and sure to get a lot of notice.  While it’s a Cameron Crowe movie, you be certain of one thing and that it’s going to have a stellar soundtrack.  As a matter of fact, Jonsi from Sigur Ros is going to produce the soundtrack.  Wins all around.

Young Adult:

While the fact that this movie is written by Diablo Cody, I was a bit hesitant to really want to give this a chance.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of Juno “pork swords” and “swear to blog” aside, this actually looks like a very well developed movie and having Jason Rietman (director of Up In The Air) doesn’t hurt your chances.  Having Patton Oswalt in the movie also improves your credibility since he is a geek god.

The Grey:

The only thing I got of this trailer is this:  LIAM NESSON BARE KNUCKLE BOXES WOLVES!  Just take my money for fucks sake!