Movie of the Day – Sleepy Hollow

So apparently while watching the KC Chiefs, CHIEFS, play on Sunday against Dallas, there were a shit ton of promos for a new Fox show entitled Sleepy Hollow.  Yes folks it’s true, Fox decided that a gritty crime show will now incorporate the story of Sleepy Hollow complete with axe wielding, headless horseman and Ichabod Crane, because nothing says long lasting series than a continuous cat and mouse game of the cops searching for a headless killer.  How long do they honestly think they will get out of this premise.  We already know the killer of the show.  We already can tell that his victims won’t have a head when he is finished.  We already can tell this will be a fish out of water story where Ichabod will have to learn to deal with modern technology and form a sexy partnership with his handler.  So what’s left here to explore?  I just seriously laid out the entire premise of the show in three sentences without having to expend a lot of brain cells to come to this conclusion.  Get ready for my new show about a group of fishermen who are wondering why there is a shortage of fish out in their fishing grounds until they stumble upon a man drifting at sea named Ahab who knows the real reason for their fish loss.  MOBY DICK.

Anyways, I decided now would be a good time as any to talk about one of few Tim Burton movies that doesn’t get on my nerves.  Also it’s a movie where Johnny Depp isn’t doing his usual weird, accessory wearing roles.

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Movie of the Day – The Grey

Man I have been slacking on my duties, but with a new writing gig, podcast work and generally do more work, I sometimes neglect my blogging duties.  I decided to whip my ass into shape with a movie that basically gave me a nerd boner as far as trailers were able to do for my expectations in an upcoming movie.  The Grey (or The Gray for those that don’t differentiate the spelling of it) was one of those movies that presented an intense looking movie in which Liam Neeson goes into the wilderness and fights the wildlife there.  I mean who the fuck didn’t want to witness that sort of badassery on screen?  Well damn the movie studios for making a misleading trailer, but to my surprise the final product is one of the gloomiest and harrowing stories about coping with the inevitability of death and a journey of survival.  Plus more Liam Neeson being a badass.

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Movie of the Day – It Came From Beneath The Sea

So this month at the Alamo Drafthouse, my lovely place of employment, our programming is geared towards a singular genre, that is Beasts vs. Bots.  An entire month devoted to monster, kaiju, robots and all things kick ass will be the focus of our month of July programming in anticipation of Pacific Rim.  Showing at the Drafthouse today was one of the early classics of a young Harryhausen, It Came From Beneath The Sea.  Let the stop-motion animation octopus attack begin!

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Movie of the Day – Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

Now I talked about the original Silent Night, Deadly Night back in December when it was around Christmas time.  I mean it was an appropriate movie for the time and what better Christmas movie than one about a rampaging killer in a Santa Claus outfit.  Well today I am going to talk about the sequel, mainly the only thing about the sequel that truly exemplifies the utter amazement that movies like this and there low budget qualities can totally redeem themselves.  If you know about this movie, then you know exactly what I am talking about.  If not, then get ready for the 20 second scene that is the crowning moment of this movie.

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Movie Review – Now You See Me

The last magic trick that I was ever really impressed with was when The Joker made a pencil disappear into the deep, eye socket of some stooge who thought he could take on The Joker.  To me it was a clever and brutal trick, one that is still surprising time after time, but really it cemented the wonders of a solid magic trick.  But the real magic these days is in Hollywood’s ability to continuously make desperate movie pitches to audiences in the basest way possible.

“They are magicians who pull off high profile bank heists!” sounds like an elevator pitch to an executive who is on his way to oversee the next remake/reboot/sequel/franchise movie, so there had to be some magic involved in getting a movie like Now You See Me made and released during the summer of remakes, reboots, sequels and franchises.  Well a little bit of sleight of hand, some misdirection, multiple assistants and players, and of course, the impossible trick somehow makes this comedy, action, heist movie feel like a grand performance.  Sorry folks for all the magic metaphors and verbiage, I can’t help myself.

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Movie of the Day – A Woman, A Gun, and A Noodle Shop

Have you ever thought to yourself that while you were watching the sublime Coen Brothers film “Blood Simple” that there would be a different take on the film?  Maybe wondering what it would look like if say a famous international director decided to pay tribute to the movie with his/her vision of the story line?  Well folks your prayers are answered as Zhagng Yimou decided  that Blood Simple needed to be remade with some Asian period piece flair and today I will talk about the exciting and wonderful remake, A Woman, A Gun and A Noodle Shop.

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March Update! Alamo Style!

I thought that this would be a fun post to promote my part-time place of employment and show you all who don’t have a Drafthouse in your neck of the woods, a little of what I do there in terms of hosting and promoting.  Enjoy the montage folks!

Movie of the Day – Argo

I don’t think that I enjoyed a movie more this past year than Argo.  I realize that is some high praise to give a movie that comes from Ben Affleck and is not a Spielberg, Tarantino or Paul Thomas Anderson movie, but damned if I am not still talking up this movie leading up to the Oscars.  Argo for me, might as well have been the movie of the year in my mind, topping all others with it’s fascinating story, intricate details of one the most successful and bizarre rescue attempts, and a compelling array of performances from phenomenal actors.  You don’t agree?  ARGO GO FUCK YOURSELF!  🙂

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Shit Movie of the Day – The Happening

I DID IT!  I DID IT FOLKS!  I survived an entire month of some of the most awful, terrible movie that I have purposefully avoided because I would hate myself if I ever watched them.  I suffered through Sandler movies, Twilight, shitty science fiction movies, terrible comedies, and even movies where exposed breasts couldn’t make it enjoyable.

For those that submitted movie suggestions, I both thank you and hate you for giving these to me.  For those that followed and commented with words of encouragement and chiding, thanks.  I know I said I would live tweet one of my viewings but I have been very busy with my new gig at The Alamo Drafthouse hosting movies and shit.  It’s an awesome time doing that, but also cuts into some of my free time to do a few more movie reviews.  I hoped though, you all enjoyed one man’s quest in watching nothing but horrible ass movies for one month.  It’s the end of the road today with another M. Night movie, The Happening.

Enjoy folks!

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Movie Review – Argo

A part of me really was hoping that Argo was going to be a prequel to Die Hard where we got to see how Harry Ellis got to be in the position he was in at the Nakatomi Towers before being tragically killed by Hans Gruber.  A man can dream, but then again the appearance between Ben Affleck in Argo as Tony Mendez and Hart Bochner as Harry Ellis is uncanny.  But I digress and Argo itself deserves to be talked about this awards season.  A captivating tale about a hostage rescue plan that could only be dreamed up in Hollywood, but executed precisely by the CIA.  It’s the sort of story that Hollywood executives would dream of having come up with.

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