Movie of the Day – Superfly

I am in a bit of groovy mood tonight and that is because I was out having a few beer, but mainly because I need to find a calm place this evening after a hectic work week.  So the post tonight is going to be fairly mellow, but it gives me an excuse to post a movie that I enjoy, from a genre that spawned some killer soundtracks.  I am talking about the landmark Blaxploitation movie Superfly.   If you have never seen the movie, well I am sure you have heard of the soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield, you know the one I am talking about.  I do enjoy Blaxploitation movies, heck I gave a massive amount of praise to Black Dynamite which was one of the best homages to the genre out there.  Superfly covers a lot of the elements that Black Dynamite incorporated into the movie.  So aside from the groovy tunes of Curtis Mayfield, Superfly does hold an interesting place in the halls of cinema.

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