Your Generic Summer Movie List Part 3

Well now that the summer is into its final stretch with the August release schedule, to be honest, August doesn’t have a really strong release schedule.  We typically see weaker films trying to scrap the last of the summer crowd before going back to school or back from vacation.  August releases always seem to draw a lot of movies that have had production issues and distribution problems that get them relegated to the month of August.  While there are a few gems to be had, most just seem like quick cash grabs and don’t really excite most movie goers.  There seem to be a handful of horror movies, a remake of a classic movie (in my opinion) and some comedy movies.  So lets see what should be worth a look this August.

The Whistleblower:

An intriguing story line, early talk of some award buzz apparently for Rachel Weisz, this sort of seems like another Constant Gardener style movie.  The subject matter has makes a tense movie, with Weisz playing a Nebraska cop who uncovered a sex scandal in the UN and her efforts to bring justice to those who were effected.  It is in limited release, but I am betting that it will make a wider release in September.


If you go back and read the last trailer of the week post, I gave this movie some unbelievable love as this movie looks gorgeous and the story seems fascinating and unique.  A unique visual style and a touching story, this has been getting tons of praise from most major film blogs and my excitement is growing.  As soon as this is released at my local theater I am there.  No questions about it.

30 Minutes or Less:

Danny McBride, Nick Swardson, Aziz Ansari, and Jesse Eisenberg in an R-rated comedy about two guys using a pizza delivery guy to rob a bank for them while chaotic shit happens all around them.  Yeah I am there.


Something something, Luc Besson directing, something something Zoe Saldana in a catsuit as a hitman, something something where do I send my check for this movie.

That is it for the month of August, I guess if you really don’t like my list, you can go watch Fright Night or Spy Kids 4 in smell-o-vision, maybe see that lame looking Conan reboot.  Hell you might want to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but let me just post this trailer and save you the trouble of seeing the movie since it tells you the entire plot of the movie and practically the ending.

Movie Review – Thor

The summer movie season is upon us and this is the time where I finally start going out to see movies in force.  It has been a while since I have written another movie review, with Hanna being the last movie I saw.  So as both a comic book nerd and film lover, Thor was right up my alley.  One of my biggest apprehension for Thor was how Marvel was going to handle the story of Thor and it’s involvement into the upcoming Avengers movie.  Marvel basically butchered the hell out of Ironman 2 with the massive amount of side stories involving SHIELD and the Avengers Initiative.

So knowing that Marvel is wanting to set this movie in the realm of the Avengers storyline had to be taken into account when I saw this movie.  As fan of Marvel comics and film in general, I was excited to get to see how they handled the origin and grandiose scale of Thor.

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Your Generic Summer Movie List Part 1

What would a film blog be without its annual summer movie post.  I certainly would be remiss if I didn’t do my duty as a film lover and post about the upcoming summer movies.  Well Hollywood has taken a page out of the Christmas playbook and summer movies are now starting in May, as opposed to you know, June.  So while I am late to the party, I really didn’t miss much.  I mean Thor was really the only big tent pole release, which I will get to reviewing here shortly…maybe. So let us take a look at what remains in store for movie goers in the month of May.


This is currently in limited release but I am absolutely looking forward to seeing this when it comes close by.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of my favorite up and coming actors and this movie looks amazing.  Hesher might seem like a rough movie, but the story is a beautifully crafted one about letting go and moving on with life.  More info about the movie can be found here.

The Tree of Life

I have already gushed enough about this movie in my previous Trailers of the Week posting.  Early reviews for the Terrence Malick movie is positive, with some mixed feelings about Brad Pitt’s tough loving father.  I personally can’t wait to see this introspective movie about the human experience.  Malicks perspective on life and our existence will be interesting, since he is a known reclusive director.  More info about the movie can be found here.

For the month of June, there are three movies that I am eagerly awaiting.  Two of them are big budget releases, both with a science fiction lean.  The other is a smaller indie film that will make its way stateside with a limited release.

X-Men: First Class

I am a comic book fan through and through.  X-Men is one of the my favorites and the movie series had some high notes and some low notes (Fuck you Brett Ratner).  So I was very cautious about the prequel to all the X-Men movies.  First Class could honestly have turned out to be a movie about mutants being awkward and asking other mutants to a prom, as the title leads me to believe.  Mathew Vaungh is now the savior of this movie as the trailers have really gotten me pumped for this movie.  Set in an alternate timeline where the Cuban missle crisis is going to happen, instead of the standoff in our time, and we see the early beginning of the academy being put together.  Fantastic ensemble cast and an interesting storyline, I will be catching this movie as soon as it hits theater.

Super 8

Two directing titans (Spielberg and J.J. Abrams) coming together to give us an exciting monster/sci-fi movie.  I couldn’t have been more excited about the initial teaser trailer and the subsequent viral marketing that followed.  Abrams does an amazing job bringing you into the feel of the trailer.  The child like, whimsical orchestra music reminds you of ET and other alien encounter movies.  I am a sucker for nostalgia, feeling movie and Super 8 looks to be an amazing ride.


Yeah.  I know.  This movie screams indie and quirky traits, but to be honest, this is right up my alley.  Bolstered with a lot of film festival praise and early reviews from our friends across the pond, put this as a must see on any film fans list.  The movie is about a young boy on a mission to lose his virginity and also to stop his mother from running off with a dance teacher. The movie just oozes indie darling status and this is writer/director Richard Ayoade first feature film.  A lot of stunning reviews so far and while it is in limited release, I hope that the movie gets a nation wide release.  Or I can bank on my local art house theater to get it.

So this concludes part one of my summer movie list.  July is where we get the heavy hitters in films.  A series ending movie and a new comic book movie to take my hard earned cash.