Movie of the Day – Big Fish

Tim Burton is a director that I seem to be torn between liking and hating his work.  I think he is currently stuck in this MOMA exhibit of a career where he just takes old properties and adds a veneer of Gothic, Hot Topic look and makes Johnny Depp dress up in weird clothes and acts frilly.  He does the same thing again and again, which gets tiring to watch as he can make amazing movies without having to resort to the old stable of characters, thematic elements, familiar score and overly gothic imagery.

Today’s film proves that he can evolve and present us something amazing and unique, while still retaining what makes him the director that we are familiar with.  Big Fish is a film that manages to take all the familiar tones of a Burton film, but present in a way that blends all those elements together to tell a beautiful narrative with a Southern, Gothic fantasy twist that lends well to his talents.

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Movie of the Day – Following

Christopher Nolan has come a long way since his first film back in 1998 and an incredible one to boot.  Some people I know typically see me as a Nolan fan, defending and praising his work, but frankly, the man deserves the accolades he receives.  Most people will remember Nolan from his mind fuck film Memento, but the ground work for his technique and style are laid here in the Neo-Noir thriller Following.  It wasn’t widely distributed and I only was able to see it until it was finally put on Netflix a few years ago.  After watching it, I can see why Nolan is one of the best directors out there.

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