Movie of the Day – Hook

Rufio! Rufio! Ru-Fi-OOOOOOOOOOOOOh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Movie of the Day – Big Fish

Tim Burton is a director that I seem to be torn between liking and hating his work.  I think he is currently stuck in this MOMA exhibit of a career where he just takes old properties and adds a veneer of Gothic, Hot Topic look and makes Johnny Depp dress up in weird clothes and acts frilly.  He does the same thing again and again, which gets tiring to watch as he can make amazing movies without having to resort to the old stable of characters, thematic elements, familiar score and overly gothic imagery.

Today’s film proves that he can evolve and present us something amazing and unique, while still retaining what makes him the director that we are familiar with.  Big Fish is a film that manages to take all the familiar tones of a Burton film, but present in a way that blends all those elements together to tell a beautiful narrative with a Southern, Gothic fantasy twist that lends well to his talents.

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Movie of the Day – Chronicle

In the midst of all the fanfare for comic book movies, with The Avengers raking in the big bucks and The Dark Knight Rises just slowly coming closer to reality, Chronicle for me was the surprise superhero movie of the year.  A film that captured the struggle and essence of the classic hero complex, from learning to explore the beginnings of their power to the eventual battle to control the hold the power has on them.  Chronicle was the origin story that comic book movies want to show, but sadly seem to miss the mark, either because their lore is established in another medium or it is truncated to suit a particular need or market.  I would go as far as to say that Chronicle is one of the top movies of 2012.

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Movie of the Day – The Fall

I have a love hate relationship with director Tarsem Singh. On one hand, he just doesn’t really develop a story like he should, With strong actors, epic plots and the fact that he has been directing for several years, he should kind of know how to devlop that crucial story that would help make his films better. On the other hand, his visuals and eye for cinematography are the things that dreams are made of. Gorgeous, beauitful, and some of the most captivating films put to screen, Tarsem films deliver on the magic that is cinema with astounding visual skills. While not his first film, The Fall is truly one of the films that is a must see, simply because it exists.


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Movie of the Day – Martha Marcy May Marlene

One of the most under seen films of the past year, Martha Marcy May Marlene was a harrowing and chilling film about life within a cult and coping with the psychological damages of leaving it all behind.  Starring Elizabeth Olsen, the film was a far deeper look into the dynamics of a cult and what it means to be a part of something to impressionable people.  Martha Marcy was anchored by some amazing performances, namely from Olsen and John Hawkes who plays the cult leader.  A fractured story structure and glimpses of a life once lived set up the story perfectly for Martha Marcy and the deep damages experienced.

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Documentary of the Day – Dear Zachary

I realize that this isn’t probably the best documentary choose on such a day of love and affection.  But if you have ever seen this documentary, then you know that it is profoundly important and even proper for today’s post.  Being a guy, there are only a few instances when you are able to cry outright.  Funerals, your dog dying, and apparently sports films are instances when it’s cool to cry as a guy.  I have watched a lot of movies in my life and I will honestly tell you, this is one of 5 movies that will literally bring me to tears when watching it.

Documentaries are a chronicling of real life.  When you videotape the birth and life of a child, you engage in a form of documentary.  It’s a way to capture the essence of life, but also reveal how fragile it can be.  Documentaries also uncover the truth of life, either by piecing together memories or watching it unfold from the people involved with the subject.  While it can be used to capture and commemorate a life, it can also capture tragedy.

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Movie of the Day – An Evening with Kevin Smith

And so my love affair with Kevin Smith related films continues.  While his movies hit a certain funny bone (HA bone) with me, one of the things I love is the stories and engaging natures that Kevin has about him.  I have been to one Q&A session where Kevin Smith has been in attendance at which was the Red State showing and his presence and openness about his life and memories are hilarious.  He is the rare director who is so candid about his life and his career as a filmmaker, that you got  think that some of what he says about the other directors, the industry and actors relatively a taboo subject.  Along with his Q&A sessions, he also runs a podcast empire which is really entertaining and gets me through the day.  So instead of picking one of his movies I decided to pick some of his recorded  sessions during his college tours.

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