Movie of the Day – The Goonies

My love of The Goonies is probably greater than that of a parent and their newborn child.  I don’t think that I could ever like something more than this movie.  I wouldn’t say it defined my life, but The Goonies is the movie that got me into cinema.  It’s the reason I love watching and writing all things cinema.  I can quote this movie with the best of them.  I own this movie on multiple formats.  I can do the Truffle Shuffle, which is also a sad statement on the state of childhood obesity.  Ke Huy Quan will never be referenced by me as Short Round, but as Data.  I will be a Goonie for life.

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Movie of the Day – Jaws

Duuuuuuuuh, duh…


Duuuuuuuuh, duh…





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Movie of the Day – Hook

Rufio! Rufio! Ru-Fi-OOOOOOOOOOOOOh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Movie of the Day – Super 8

Going back to the well for an older review and one of the more passed over films from the Summer blockbuster haze.  It’s weird to say that Super 8 was a passed over film when you realize that it has a collaboration from both Spielberg and Abrams, both at the top of their game and creating an ode to the movies of the 70s and 80s.  A time of wonderment and child-like innocence, this was a wonderful throwback to an era that brought to life such amazing adventures and poignant memories.  This is more of a drama, than a monster movie, which is just the set dressing for the film that helps propel the story of character conflict.  Numerous thematic elements create a gorgeous patchwork of themes and enjoyment.  I recently re-watched this film and still found myself enraptured with the imagery and story.  Sure, there are people out there who thought this movie was just an easy retread of prior films and a cheap thematic ploy to get emotional connection.  I can see what they are saying, I but enjoy the story and film too much and can overlook that.

If you haven’t seen Super 8, go and rent it from Redbox or put it in your dvd queue on Netflix.  It’s worth the time to watch this film and enjoy a bit of nostalgia in your life.  Below is the link to the original review I did for this movie way back when.


I think that the movie might seem unoriginal to a lot of people.  Considering this is a throwback to older, similar films in the generations past, it is put together beautifully.  I think in some aspects, this movie is a bit too safe.  There isn’t anything in the movie that is off putting or complicated that might turn off movie goers.  It plays on nostalgia and familiarity to get audiences involved.  The movie is effective at bringing up emotional cues and at times can get a little misty.  I enjoyed every aspect of the movie and the feeling of nostalgia I had while watching it.  A great collaboration between two gifted film makers produced a fantastic summer movie and this is the reason why I go to the movies.  Click here for more

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