Movie of the Day – The American Scream

I will admit, as I have done many times over the course of writing on this blog of mine, that I am not a big big horror fan.  Horror movies are not my jam and the amount that I watch horror movies dwarfed by an average horror movie watcher.  That much is certain, but I have particular tastes when it comes to the scares, blood, gore, and other aesthetics of the genre.  That lack of horror movie watching even extends to Halloween itself, where I hand out candy from time to time and will dress in costume on occasion.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have that passion for the holiday or genre that reflects said holiday, but I will tell you what, I am glad there are people out there like the one’s in today’s post who embrace their love of the spirit and holiday.  The American Scream is a scary, lovely, labor of love.

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Movie of the Day – Paranormal Activity (Revisited)

So I am crunched for time this evening between having to review a new documentary movie, spending quality time with the beagle and trying to have some semblance of a social life that I opted to keep this post today short and sweet.  This evening, our local Alamo Drafthouse is putting on a little window gallery show of Paranormal Activity.  Their open gallery windows on the side of the building will be filled with actors who will be recreating scenes from the Paranormal Activity movies, which I think is just fucking awesome.  So why not repost my original blog piece on the first film of the series to mark this event tonight.

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Movie of the Day – The Silent House

A horror suspense film that spans 88 minutes and is done in one continuous take.  If that doesn’t get you the least bit curious then I don’t know what will.  Now I want people to realize that this is for the Uruguayan original movie, not for the recent remake with Elizabeth Olsen entitled “Silent House”.  Hollywood is so creative these days.  While the remake is interesting in it’s own right, I definitely want to touch on the original movie since I got a hold of a copy of this movie and well, I was incredibly drawn into the movie and premise that is supposedly based on real events in a small village.  I am not certain if that is true or not, but I was more impressed by witnessing a continuous, one take horror movie.

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Movie of the Day – Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

I have nothing to say about this.  For me it seems like this would be a horror movie that would exist today, but it was made in 1977. It’s about a bed, that just happens to eat people.  That is the premise.  Why people are choosing to sleep on a bed that eats people, I will never know.  It could be that this bed is made from the feathers of angels and ingenious Swedish comfort foam, but it eats people.  I….yeah.

I will let Patton Oswalt explain the insanity of making a horror movie like this.  I truly have nothing of value to say other than go watch this movie.  NOW!

Happy Sunday Everyone!




Movie of the Day – Kingdom of the Spiders

There are two things that scare me.  One is my own mortality, the deep philosophical discussion about life itself and the fleeting nature in which mortality is just as flimsy as a piece of paper.  One minute I can be here, breathing and talking, then the next I am gone, no longer existing on this dimensional plane.

The second thing that scares me is spiders.  Those fucking things can go to hell.  When a movie like the one today, has spiders that are capable of taking down airplanes, then I say just nuke the planet and be done with it.  There is no defeating a kingdom of spiders.  We are in their world now.

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Movie of the Day – Pumpkinhead

Ahh, fall, the time of the year when food and bear suddenly have the taste of pumpkin in every drink and bite you take.  I don’t know why pumpkin has suddenly decided to be like cranberry’s and get in every possible culinary dish and drink, but it is inescapable.  If you are one of those people that know it’s fall when Starbucks decides to release their pumpkin spice latte…I am indifferent about you.  They aren’t that good, I should know cause I was a barista at one time for Starbucks.  Shit I got sidetracked, anyways to celebrate pumpkins being in all the food for fall this year, why not a movie with pumpkin in the title.

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Movie of the Day – Alien

I can truly say that this is the first movie to absolutely terrify me.  Without a doubt, Alien is the movie that not only put the fear of space into me, but also was part of the one-two punch that got me into science fiction films.  At a young age, Alien astounded and frightened me with the visuals and setting of a lone space crew battling a creature that one knew anything about.  The tagline of the film still to this day gives me the creeps because of what unfolded on screen rang true to their tag, “In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream.”  So with the upcoming Prometheus film debuting tomorrow in theaters, I figured this would be the perfect time to just reflect on the film that gave us a cultural touchstone for science fiction horror films and the iconic Alien.

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Movie of the Day – Suicide Club

Seriously Japan, what the hell?  It never ceases to amaze me what sort of films come out of the Island of Japan.  Typically we usually get the fanfare of scary movies that deal with creepy pale women or children with hair covering their faces, though sometimes we do get a film that this both frightening not only because of the imagery, but because of the message it is trying to say.  Japan has always had this way with controversy and the film Suicide Club seems to court that controversy with a badge of honor.  Suicide Club takes a sledgehammer to your chest and gets you to pay attention, either with morbid curiosity or an analyzing eye of subtext, to a film that is screaming to be talked about.

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Movie of the Day – The Descent

Well now I am on horror/scary movie number 4 and this plays upon a fear that I think most of us have.  Actually scratch that, we all fucking fear the dark and being trapped in a confined space.  Add in some unknown creatures lurking in the dark to heighten the tension and you got the movie The Descent.  The movie itself is frightening at the basest level, it’s fear of the unknown, fear of being trapped, and fear of those around you.  While not a splatterfest associated with horror movie, this is the core of horror movies, ones that are meant to use psychological aspects of creating and playing off of our fear.

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Movie of the Day – Paranormal Activity

Alright, I am not choosing this movie because the latest film is out in theaters today.  I am choosing this movie as it was a simple concept that was extremely well executed at the time.  It was able to play upon the general fears that people have of the unknown and things that go bump in the night.  I certainly got chills when I saw it in theaters and to this day it still has this eerie unsettling feeling when watching it.  I guess that we are in the Halloween Season, so a scary movie is in order.

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