Movie of the Day – Mama

One of the best experiences that I can have at a movie theater is when I am in a packed theater during a scary movie.  It doesn’t need to be a gore flick, but a moody, jump scare film.  Now there are plenty of those flicks getting released that offer a bare minimum thrills because apparently making horror movies is a cheap and quick way to make a buck.  There are too many that get released that just come and go, but sometimes there is a movie that sticks out of the muck of gore, violent, and jumpy movies.  Mama managed to be one of those movies that made for a great view in a crowded theater because it relied on something that a of horror movies are missing, true old school scares.  Nothing beats a well timed and rightfully placed “boo”.

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Movie of the Day – Dead Alive

To think, there was a time before The Hobbit, before King Kong and before The Lord of the Rings Trilogy when Peter Jackson wasn’t making this major blockbusters and employing half of New Zealand  he was actually making schlocky, over the top horror movies.  I mean I loved The Frighteners, like a lot, but it’s is amazing to see Peter Jackson’s earlier work, something a lot of people wouldn’t associate with his current body of work.  But for me, he will always be the guy who made a priest kick ass for the lord.  Today’s post is the ultra bloody affair, Dead Alive.

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