Movie of the Day – Mars Attacks!

Ack! Ack! Ack!  Ack Ack Ack!  Ack!

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Shit Movie of the Day – Epic Movie

You know, parody movies use to be some of my favorite comedy movie around.  Airplane!, The Naked Gun series, Top Secret and Mel Brooks movies were the essential comedic movies in my youth.  These “parody” movies such Disaster Movie, Meet The Spartans, even Scary Movie are just raping the corpse of comedy.  This Epic Movie just made me angry.  I honestly feel like these were made for kids to have a movie to go to so they can text and talk.  Parody movies are supposed to be insightful with their lampooning and satirical take on the subject matter.  This is just everything that is wrong with comedy.

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Movie of the Day – The FP

In the future, those Asian kids who are insanely good at Dance Dance Revolution will control the world.  That is if The FP is any indicator of our future, arguments, turf wars and general revenge pride schemes are settled in the ancient combat of Beat Beat Revelation.  I take back everything I have ever said bad about dance movies, cause if it wasn’t them we probably wouldn’t have Battlefield America and The FP.  Prepare for the dance battle of your life.

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Movie of the Day – The Cabin In The Woods


Man, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how floored I was by this movie when I saw it many months ago.  I am not the biggest horror movie fan out there, but what this movie managed to do was make a satire of horror movies while still delivering all  things we  have come to associate with the genre.  If you haven’t seen the movie, I suggest seeing this before reading my little musings and full linked review.  It works best when I don’t spoil the whole premise of the movie.  SO GO NOW!

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Movie of the Day – Starship Troopers

The only good bug is a dead bug.

Sweet Jesus Starship Troopers is one of the best, bad movie around.  For a movie made in 1997, this is damn spectacle to behold.  Nothing like seeing this movies in theaters and being blown away that this was a PG-13 movie and it had such excessive gore, tits and bloody violent as hell.  I mean we are talking about shit that 12 year old (my age at the time) shouldn’t even be seeing until maybe 13, but then again my first R-rated movie was Predator and that was at 5.  Still though, I was 5 and could only comprehend pretty lights and loud sounds.

Anyways, Starship Troopers is just the most militaristic, chest thumping movie around, but it is extremely satirical movie about militarism and does so in the most gloriously ridiculous way possible.  Hit the jump if you would like to know more.

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Movie of the Day – Small Soldiers

I want to buy these action figures if they really existed.  Not the cheap, plastic ones that they made in conjunction with the release of the movie, but the ones that had a military chip in them that brought to life to attack their human owners.  Yeah, for an upbeat trailer like that, they really didn’t tell the audience that these toys were out to kill the humans in the rudimentary way possible.  Yeah, not you standard G.I. Joe’s type kid movie.  But damn if wasn’t an awesome movie from 1998.

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Movie of the Day – Airheads

Let’s be clear, no movie will ever come close to This Is Spinal Tap in terms of spoofing and using satire against heavy metal music.  It is just the ultimate movie in lampooning the culture, so lets just out that to rest.  Airheads tried to say something clever about the music genre, but it didn’t come through, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t entertaining and funny with some cast of soon to be famous unknowns in the film world.  I have a fondness for Airheads and the deadpan humor that stems from this rock n roll  comedic movie and it also features one of Sandlers non-abrasive roles.  It’s win win!

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Movie of the Day – Casino Royale (1967)

I am sure everyone is probably saying to themselves that I somehow must have meant to talk about the 2006 Casino Royale film with the Adonis actor Daniel Craig.  While I agree that Craig is a gorgeous, chiseled man and he both revitalized the Bond series with his steel blue eyes and gritty persona,, he did also destroy it with Quantum of Solace, which is a terrible fucking name if I ever heard one.  So with those factors in mind, I decided to pick the original Casino Royale from 1967 which also is a funny spoof on the Bond series with a remarkable cast of comedic actors and even Orson Fucking Welles as the villain.  Yeah, this is gonna be awesome.

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Movie of the Day – Death to Smoochy

I will admit that the concept of a movie revolving around the apparent cutthroat world of children’s television seemed, well ridiculous.  It is a bit funny to think that once the camera stops rolling, Barney the Dinosaur just takes off the costume head and immediately starts smoking and drinking, all the while yelling obscenities at the interns in front of the young children on the show.  I can only imagine, but if that were true, I guess Death To Smoochy would be based on real life.  Anyways, the point is watching Robin Williams wear a technicolor suit jacket and yell “fuck” and “shit” as he tries to derail Edward Norton in a Rhino costume from stealing his spotlight.  I would honestly watch their shows if they existed during my childhood.  Screw you Muppets and Sesame Street!

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Movie of the Day – Choke

I love Chuck Palahniuk books, so when they decide to make a movie based on one of his book, I am intrigued.  I love Sam Rockwell and when they cast him a lead role in a movie, I am going to watch.  Combining the two into a film immediately means I am going to see it.  If you haven’t read any Palahniuk books before, they have a certain satiric bite to them.  Very dark comedy interspersed between these satiric looks on current society.  They are fascinating reads and some of my favorite books.  Choke, which movie is based on, is one of my favorite novels next to Invisible Monsters and Fight Club.  The subject matter is dark in terms of what happens to the characters and how they interact with one another.  It is a series of maladies and lies that plagues characters and it makes for interesting dark comedy situations.  More fucked up observational humor and weirdness plague the book.  So to take a book like Choke which is filled with sexual deviance and childhood trauma and make movie out of it might seem a bit difficult, but like all of Palahniuks works, there is this beautiful madness to be found in the work and the translation to film.

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