Movie Review – The Spectacular Now

Another writing assignment from the folks at Lost In Reviews and this time I got a chance to sit down and watch The Spectacular Now.  With out going into too much detail and spoiling anything for people who might be interested in this movie, this is nothing short of perfect.  This is the coming of age movie that this generation needs and will be fondly looked at years to come.  Please please see this movie, I can’t recommend it enough.

Below is an excerpt from my review and a link to the full review at Lost In Reviews.


It wasn’t until I saw The Spectacular Now, that I realized that we can get a high school movie with characters who aren’t just picked out of a yearbook of archetypes and clichés, that we can get a movie with characters we can truly resonate with and a movie that we can see and relate to the pangs of growing up and not knowing what to do with life.  I don’t want to say that this IS the quintessential high school/coming of age movie, but it sure feels like we are witnessing something spectacular.

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Film-Shailene Woodley

Movie of the Day – Warm Bodies

I fear that we as a film seeing society, will hit critical zombie over-saturation and the zombie genre will be played the fuck out.  Almost every zombie movie is the same with the kills, character arcs and overall same plot structure in that the people try to survive a particular situation from zombies and live to tell the tale.  They ride off into the sunset, somehow one chapter of a larger story is done and it feels a bit cheap and easy.  Now we have shows like The Walking Dead which manage to continue the story that most zombie leave off on, the continuation of the lives of those living in a zombie filled world.  It’s a better story overall and gives us zombies, but not really, at least in the story structure sense.  So maybe that is why I took to Warm Bodies with such a receptive and wide open arm stance than anything else.  A zombie love story?  Alright let’s see how it plays out.

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Movie of the Day – The Hunger

I am not going to lie, David Bowie is really the only reason to watch this movie.  I mean I have been on a Bowie kick as of late with most of my trivia hosting comprising of Bowie songs in between rounds, watching the Prestige and even catching the 35mm print of The Man Who Fell To Earth at the Drafthouse.  Also I am really hoping that I win the bidding for the Craig Drake screen print of David Bowie from The Hunger, I mean it’s a fucking gorgeous print.  Take a look!


Damn that is sexy as hell.  I really hope I can get a hold of this print.  Anyways let’s jump into the lesbo vampire, David Bowie flick. Read more of this post

Movie of the Day – Celeste and Jesse Forever

This post is a bit of a cheat since this movie isn’t out until sometime next week, but I just have to bring this movie back up because I really feel it didn’t get the love it should have by the movie going audience.  Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg turned in mesmerizing performance, more so Rashida as she is the lynch pin of the film, in a romantic drama that honestly is one of the more accurate and earnest romance movies out there.  It isn’t so much a lovely dovey film, but rather a movie that tries to depict the struggles of moving on, of course while some indie music plays and Jones radiates on screen with her loveable personality.  Sigh, much like Beginners, I really hold this to be a perfect little romance movie.

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Movie of the Day – The Princess Bride

Well folks, after a trip to the doctors, I am officially sick.  They prescribed some groovy medicine, ones that are drowsy/loopy/awesome so for the foreseeable future, my posts aren’t going to be as detailed as I would like them to be.  Most of the time I will be bed ridden, checking in on work and email from time to time, but I will still get my posts out like a dutiful blogger.  Unless of course you all want to read some weird ass ramblings of a doped up sick guy cause not gonna lie, it took like 20 minutes to construct a coherent text message that explained that I was sick.

Anyways, The Princess Bride, I feel that this movie though needs no explanation.  Anyone you talk about this movie will have some sort of memory, more good than bad, about this movie and how they loved it when they were a child or that it still captivates them to this day.  I know that it still holds my attention any time it is on TV and it’s a perfect movie to watch when you are sick.  If only Peter Falk was still around to read me a story.  Anyone else up to the task?

Princess Bride 1a

Shit Movie of the Day – Swept Away

God I wished that some sort of current would come and sweep me away from this movie.  It isn’t so much that the movie is good, it’s just that the potential of this movie is squandered in the most obtuse way possible that you just seethe and your disdain for the movie grows in every scene.  You have Guy Ritchie, who is a fantastic director, basically trying to get Madonna to not be Madonna and act as someone other than herself.  It’s a monumental task that just fucks up every aspect of this movie and its clear that Swept Away is just some big charade and excuse to send Madonna off to a mini-vacation on some gorgeous island.

Also she can’t act…at all!  How she got away with Evita is beyond me, but since it was more musical and she is a musician, I guess that helped.  Here, not so much.

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Movie of the Day – Re-Animator

Zombie Rom Com.  If that doesn’t sell you on the premise of Re-Animator, then you must not be a fan of absurd horror movies.  Re-Animator is one of my favorite horror movies, solely for the reason that movie is just so subversive, darkly humorous, and gory.  A veritable cocktail mix for horror fans that are looking for a little something for everyone.  A buffet of choices for viewers and it would probably make a good group movie.  Also, who doesn’t love zombie movies?

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Movie Review – Celeste and Jesse Forever

I have never been one for the romantic comedy genre or even the even more droning dramedy genre.  In fact I will try and never use that term because Romance and Drama go hand in hand with one another.  I am not jaded in the least except for that one time I got dumped Freshman year in high school during debate class or that time I got dumped outside a movie theater (the worst place in the world to dump a movie lover), I just think that the genre itself is filled with the same fluff and thematic plot points that it all runs together, much like this sentence.

So why would I go see this movie?  Well it has Rashida Jones (who is just dead sexy) and Andy Samberg in an indie romance film that promises me at least a decent indie soundtrack and a few laughs.  I got all of that and some romance out of this film.

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Movie of the Day – Birdemic: Shock and Terror


*catches breathe*


This is fucking amazing.

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Movie of the Day – She’s Out of My League

I am choosing this movie for one reason and one reason only, which I will get to shortly.  Now granted I actually enjoy the man child antics of 30-something male adults assuming that their lives are still like it was in college.  It provides a comedic effect that hits the most base of humor for me and provides me endless hours of entertainment and a litany of quotable moments.  But while the hilarious cast (particularly T.J. Miller) are what drive this movie to its satisfying conclusions and other shit, there is one scene in the movie where I was both excited and pretty much made the entire movie for me.

In a lot of movies, mainly comedy movies, there is usually some sort of funny musical moment in terms of cover bands or fictitious bands that just rock out.  You got the Wyld Stallyns from Bill and Ted, Sexual Chocolate in Coming to America, Soggy Bottom Boys in O’ Brother Where Art Thou, and even Spinal Tap.  These are the sort of bands that you want to see actually exists, but for me, there is one band (a cover band) that goes above and beyond the general call of awesome and pretty much made an entire movie enjoyment for me.  That band is called Adult Education.

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