Movie Review – Pacific Rim

I imaging Jaegers give the greatest of high fives.

It has been 20 years in the making since I fondly remember battling monsters with my transformer action figures when I was like 8.  Pretending that these two plastic toys are really engaging in some sort of world-wide destruction battle, I just wish that it was something for real that we could see.  Not real in the sense like there was an actual attack on America by Godzilla, but something more live action than my young, developing brain could imagine.

Now that I am a little older, a little wiser and still have the mindset of wanting to see giant mech battles with giant monsters, I think I have found the movie of my youth.  That movie is Pacific Rim.

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Movie of the Day – Atlantic Rim



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Movie of the Day – Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Well another summer movie season means another event film released to the masses.  If you aren’t familiar with the term”event film” well let us say that it is the most hotly contested, eagerly awaited movie of the summer.  While Transformers 3 may not be “the” event film of the summer, it is surely one of the largest releases of the year next to the final Harry Potter movie.  Transformers has had a storied career, with a stellar first release and then the terrible, almost downright offensive second film “Revenge of the Fallen”, there is a lot of scorn and intrigue that the third installment of the robots in disguise series has for fans.

In some ways we know what to expect with the third movie.  More explosions, more action, more everything, and in some ways that is a good and bad thing.  I will admit, I liked the first movie, a lot even.  It had robots wrecking shit, robots transforming, an interesting relationship between a boy and his car, and Peter Cullen bring my childhood to life with his reprisal of Optimus Prime.  I will ignore the scenery chewing acting, yawn inducing actors Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox, and the juvenile mentality of Michael Bay.  I got a solid action movie that was entertaining and brought to life something as children, we have only seen in cartoons.  The second movie, crushed my childhood.  The action scenes were a mess, you couldn’t tell what was happening, LaBeouf and Fox were annoying again, the characters from the previous movie are now stereotypes and caricatures of their previous incarnation and even more adolescent fantasies of how women are portrayed in movies and racists looking robots.  It was like he polled a group of 12-year-old kids, sharing a copy of Maxim magazine and drinking Mountain Dew, about what they want in the next movie.  It was atrocious to say the least.

So now we come to the third installment of the series.  At a staggering two and a half hours, I knew I was in for a long, action packed, 3-D film.  I am interested in whether Bay was able to learn from his mistakes of the second movie and deliver us a better paced, action filled, all thrill no frill movie.  Well with a Lord of the Rings like running time, it damn well better deliver.

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Movie of the Day – R.O.T.O.R







Nothing can stop this Robocop/Terminator knock-off with a sweet mustache from dispensing justice.  An unstoppable force of science gone wrong.

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Movie of the Day – Tammy and the T-Rex

Yes, this movie does exist.  Yes that is a young Paul Walker and Denise Richards in  that movie.  Yes that movie does star a large, animatronic T-Rex that apparently has the brain and feelings of Paul Walkers character.  Yes this movie is one of the most amazing things ever put to screen.  Yes I will continue to talk more about this movie.

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Movie of the Day – Real Steel

I kind of welcome the future of sports if Real Steel manages to become a reality.  I mean we had that awesome show on Comedy Central called “Battle Bots” which was just the nerdy mash-up I could get behind.  Man, now I really wish they brought that show back cause it was just bad ass.  Anyways, I was not the most receptive to Real Steel when it came out, although I did give it an average review score.  I mean the movie is no Robot Jox or even Arena, but after additional viewings, it’s a cheesy sports movie that is well shot and has good boxing fights that add to enjoyment of the film.  Also there are a lot of unbelievable things that kind of push to the bad, but good territory of movies that I love.  Mainly this post is an excuse to watch Battle Bot highlights cause that was the shit.  Did you know that Bill Nye lent his scientific expertise as part time commentator to the battles?  Fucking awesome.

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Movie of the Day – Westworld

Man, how come Westworld doesn’t exist?  A world in which you can live out your fantasy that just happens to be inhabited by robots.  I guess it is like Fantasy Island, but you know, with robots, which are cool.  Well it was a cool idea in theory until Westworld showed us that robots can become the sentient killing machines they truly are, so it kind of ruined the fun of going to a nerdtastic Fantasy Island.  I got to admit though, Westworld is a pretty interesting science fiction about rich people going to live our their fantasies and shoot robots for fun and then having the very robots go ape shit on them.  Also Yul Brenner is a bad ass bald cowboy robot.

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Movie of the Day – Transformers: The Movie

No shitty Michael Bay Transformers, we are going back to the innocent time of 1986 when Hasbro decided to make an epic Transformers cartoon film with a truly 80s soundtrack and more “pew pew” lasers than anyone young kid could handle.  While the G.I. Joe film came out after the release of Transformers, there was no denying that the potent combination of transforming robots and G.I. Joe’s were enough to send every red blooded child of the 80s into a catatonic state of euphoria.  For me, when I saw this movie, I will always hold this as the truest form of entertainment in the realm of the Transformers genre.  You know why this movie is held in such high regard?  Well for one thing, the opening sequence is one of the most pant’s shitting moments in a kids life.  Believe me when I say this, Hasbro knows how to open up a movie.

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Movie of the Day – Short Circuit 2

I will be perfectly honest, I don’t why I decided to pick this movie for today’s post.  In fact the only thing I remember about this movie is that it was the only thing on while my grandmother watched me and my siblings after school let out.  I guess there aren’t too many films out there that dealt with a self-aware robot that wasn’t out to destroy humanity or kill one particular person.  No, this movie was a sequel to a “meh” original with a quirky and amusing talking robot who just gets into all sorts of trouble.  It’s the friendly, kid version of The Terminator!

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Movie Review – Real Steel

A part of me hopes that we will have a future where robots are used for entertainment purposes rather than slave work where they will eventually rise up against their creators.  The other part of me is a kid who likes watching robots just wreck the shit out of one another.  Real Steel just happens to really appeal to both sides of my mind.  I was a bit apprehensive about seeing this movie since it just Rock’ Em Sock’ Em Robots come to life and I got bored with that toy after getting the head knocked off for 100th time.  Granted the lure of robot fighting is enough to get my simple mind wrapped around the concept that I gave it a chance at the movie theaters.  That’s right, I sat through this movie for you, my fellow readers.  To close this paragraph, Real Steel was a knockout.  (Thank you, tip your waiter folks)

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