Movie of the Day – Goliathon

I fully realize that the title is called Mighty Peking Man, but Goliathon was a far better original title and really conveys a bit more epicness to the audience.  Leave it to the Shaw Brothers Studio to come up with a flattering and better homage to the greatness that is King Kong, than with their own version of the towering ape.  Hell, aside from the actors,  sets, acting, and cheesiness of this movie, you could hardly tell the difference between the King Kong of old and this versions.  It’s time for Goliathon!

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Movie of the Day – Point Break

So apparently by the amount of talk on twitter and facebook posts, Point Break is going to officially be remade for a modern audience.  Now I am always there to basically deride Hollywood of the fact that they don’t have any creativity anymore.  Believe me, I am no less thrilled about the latest remake than the next person and I await the day when they decide to remake a movie that is less than a year old.  Well I decided that I should commit to memory and this blog, a movie of the day post about one of my favorite action films out there.

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Movie of the Day – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

So there is a lot of nerd rage happening on the internet about the latest news of Michael Bay raping your childhood and adding gratuitous explosions and Victoria Secret Models for no reason into some cherished property from the 80s and 90s called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  If you aren’t familiar with the whole Michael Bay TMNT debacle, just do a search for that and watch your computer screen melt.  Seriously, the short story is basically Bay wants to reboot the series, not make them teenage or mutant.  They will just be referred to as Ninja Turtles, which I guess is fine or something, I don’t know.  I think I am supposed to be outraged by this but then again it’s Michael Bay and I know his movies are going to bro-ish ads for the military and underwear models.  So I can’t begrudge the guy for doing what he is familiar with, but there is one thing that nerds should never forget and that is the original 1990 classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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Trailers of the Week – 13 & Knuckle

Wahoo more trailers to feast your eyes on.  One of the latest trailers to come out this past week or so (not keeping track) is actually a remake of movie from 2005, done by the same director and now in English for the lazy shits that don’t want to bother reading subtitles.  So 13 Tzameti got remade to suit the tastes of American audiences and with a more friendly faced cast in 13.  Last is a trailer entitled Knuckle.  It’s about bare knuckle boxing, so that pretty bad ass.


If you haven’t read my Movie of the Day post about 13 Tzameti, please read it here.  Basically the movie is just an English (from what I have seen from the trailer) sort of shot for shot remake of the movie, but the nice thing is that they got the original director to do this.  Just replace the previous cast with action stars and done.  Still, I am interested in seeing the movie if they kept the tone of the 2005 film.


This is how you settle disputes, like Irish, sweaty gypsies.  Knuckle is a documentary about the trails and tribulations of two rival clans known as Travelers.  Essentially these two clans have a mutual hatred of one another and settle disputes by pitting different men into bare knuckled boxing matched for honor and money.  Director Ian Palmer has been granted a glimpse into the lives of these closed off people and has done so for over 10 years.  Aside from the sweaty boxing, this look fascinating, like glimpsing into an unknown society.  I haven’t seen it on VOD, but I will check it out once I get the chance.