Movie of the Day – Argo

I don’t think that I enjoyed a movie more this past year than Argo.  I realize that is some high praise to give a movie that comes from Ben Affleck and is not a Spielberg, Tarantino or Paul Thomas Anderson movie, but damned if I am not still talking up this movie leading up to the Oscars.  Argo for me, might as well have been the movie of the year in my mind, topping all others with it’s fascinating story, intricate details of one the most successful and bizarre rescue attempts, and a compelling array of performances from phenomenal actors.  You don’t agree?  ARGO GO FUCK YOURSELF!  🙂

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Movie of the Day – Magic Mike


Today’s Movie of the Day is for the ladies…and guys as well.  That’s right, get them dolla bills ready folks, it’s my boy C-Tates and No Shirt McConaughey.  MAKE IT RAIN!

But there are some rules…take it away!

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Movie of the Day – The Artist

Since this Oscar winning film is coming out on Blu-Ray next week, I decided to come back to one of my favorite films of 2011.  The Artist is the cinematic treat that comes around every awards seasons and seem destined to snag all the wins and acclaim.  Sure, I sometimes chide that these are the sort of films that are Oscar bait and are meant only to win awards.  but on the rare occasion, you get a film like this that reminds you of why you go to the movies and the progression that cinema has had over the century.

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Documentary of the Day – Exit Through The Gift Shop

I am not one for art, well still/performance art, but I do considering film to be art so I like film more than traditional art.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate art, I mean I took several classes in college over art, have friends who are artists and generally enjoy the occasional gallery showing.  I will say, that I am not how movies portray art crowds, with a lot of black clothing and quasi-intellectuals being all hipstery and un-ironic while chewing on their chunky glasses.  I mean I have chunky glasses, but that is more so because the shape of my face is framed nicely by them, not because I need them since all the other cool/uncool kids have them.  Wire frames on glasses are not my thing.

Anyways, what I am getting at here with all of this is my general issue with art, particularly modern art.  Some will say that I am just some simpleton who doesn’t get it, but in reality, I don’t think they get it.  It seems like a fade to immediately dismiss someone who isn’t a fan of that style as not getting, while seeming to look cool by going against the grain.  So while I am unfamiliar with the movement of street art, mainly by choice and the fact that I think an artist just reusing the image of Andre the Giant (Shepard Fairey) over and over again on different locations doesn’t seem necessarily exciting.  I am sure that there is a subtext to the “Obey” image, but I just think about watching Princess Bride again to see Andre the Giant.  So if there is one thing that my time here on Earth has proven to me is that there is one universal thing that everyone likes, particularly white people, is that everyone loves Banksy.  So my excitement is at a fever pitch to see a film directed/not directed by him, but I am most excited since we can view street art the hype surrounding it through a lens.

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The 84th Annual Academy Awards

Well, the Oscars are this Sunday and I haven’t put together my Oscar Ballot.  Mainly I am a wait to the last minute sort of guy, but also I wanted to try and catch a couple more Oscar films before making an informed decision.  So while I nailed the Golden Globes, I am hoping that magic will carry over to the Oscars and net me zero dollars since I am not: betting in a pool of some kind.  But that shouldn’t stop any of you from using my predictions as I like to think that I am good at knowing what Oscar bait films will win the crowd over.  Also I watch way too many movies, so there is that going for me.  So I will start from the bottom, meaning the technical awards and then move on up to the big dogs of the evening.  Enjoy and good luck.  One more thing, there are a lot of categories, so I broke the post out into a few pages, so please click through for additional content.

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Documentary of the Day – The Cove

We have all seen or heard about the the whale conservationists that are out there stopping Japanese whalers from carrying on, what some see as, a barbaric tradition which has no valued outcome.  I am not one to be trumpeting the side of eco-conservationists or running out to join Greenpeace, but there is a bit of merit to be had with their cause, even if arrogance seems to prevalent amongst those that take part in the movement.  While the Japanese Whalers are under the limelight for their practices, a tradition that has been going on for decades has taken place without little upheaval.

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Awards Season – Golden Globes Results

And gloating.  Yeah I didn’t bother watching the Golden Globes since I had other things to occupy my time with, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about what the results are, I do in fact care.  I just wanted to see if my Deadzone like powers of foresight will allow me to take my predictions on the road and dominate every single Oscar pool available.  So let’s not stand around wondering if I am right or wrong, time to for the results!

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Awards Season – 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Well, as a semi-respectable, maybe not so much, let’s say occasionally read film blogger, I can’t ignore the overuse of commas in this sentence and the fact that it is awards season for movie.  Pretty much between now and February 26th, which is the Oscars, there are roughly 7 awards shows that will all award the same thing, I hope that won’t happen, but who knows.  While the Oscars is the big enchilada for all those films, I needed another article to write and predicting the upcoming Golden Globes will be entertaining for me and hopefully fun for you to read and tell me how wrong I am in my selections.  So, with the prestige and honor that comes with awards season, time for me to pick my selections for the Golden Globes, which will take place this Sunday January 15th.

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