Movie Review – Drive

Drive has been this little enigma in the midst of big summer movies, slowly creeping up the release date schedule as it comes off the end of the summer movie season.  I had blogged about this movie before, getting excited to see what the Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn will come up with next.  If you aren’t familiar with his works, I suggest you get on Netflix and check out his films Valhalla Rising, the cult smash Tom Hardy driven film Bronson and his Pusher trilogy.  All these films are the product of a meticulous director and one that encapsulates cinema.  His films have been in the back of my mind and I consider Bronson to be one of the best unseen movies around and it was a Tom Hardy vehicle as well.  So when Drive came about, it was this signal to the start of his first mainstream movie.  A director that gets a shot like this needs to come out of the gate and Drive was going to be the pace car for his debut.

What got me excited was the premise and the cast.  Most notably was the dramatic actor Ryan Gosling taking the wheel as the lead and having him become this rough, action star.  Judging by the trailers, we were going to get a fuel injected shot of adrenaline and kinetic action scenes that would set the stage for a fantastic movie.  Well if you aren’t familiar with Refn’s movies, you were going to get something both unique and intense.  So avoiding reviews and press releases, I got an opportunity on Sunday to get a glimpse at Drive.

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