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Well well well, looks like yours truly did yet another podcast for the site I write for, Lost In Reviews.  We recorded this past Wednesday and managed to get back into the swing of things after unsuccessfully trying to record again the past few weeks.  The stars aligned and we sat down to cover two podcasts worth of topics with music and movies, so hopefully you all enjoy  my latest project that will hopefully be weekly.


The Lost In Reviews Podcast #2: 2 GUNS!  2 CRAZY!  2 EXTREME!

After a week of technical difficulties and bad schedules, the LIR crew is finally back!

In this installment, we discuss seeing The Postal Service live and the importance of their album Give Up, and we review The Wolverine, 2 Guns, Only God Forgives, and The Conjuring. Don’t miss out on a fairly divisive X-Men discussion during the Wolverine segment and find out which of those four films is the first perfect 5 out of 5 review of the year from Richard!

Podcast link here.

The Lost In Reviews Podcast #3: Podapalooza

In this installment, we discuss whether We’re The Millers is actually funny or not, The Act Of KillingPercy Jackson: The Sea of…Monsters?, and Elysium! Then Richard and John discuss the failures of Buzz Under The Stars Night 2 in Kansas City, Ryan tells us about his experiences at this years Lollapalooza festival, including seeing NIN and The Cure, and John excitedly recounts the Death Grips fiasco from Lolla.

Podcast link here.

Movie of the Day – Get Carter

Yeah baby, talking about the 1971 Michael Caine classic and not the abomination that was the remake of Get Carter that starred Stalone.  Get Carter is just a brutal, brutal movie that has Michael Caine taking on the mob underworld in a very well paced revenge flick that has a lot more to offer than just shotgun blasts and death.  No, Michael Caine brings his charming Britishisms to the role of a revenge seeking killer of mob men and makes for supremely satisfying action flick.

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Movie Review – R.I.P.D.

Well, I ended up seeing this gem of a movie and ended up writing a review for the site I contribute to, so if you have any interest in seeing what I had to say about this Men In Black style movie, head on over to and see what I got to say.

I will just bury the lead and let you see what I had to say.

Do you remember great buddy cop movies like 48 Hours, Lethal Weapon, Hot Fuzz, or maybe Dragnet? Perhaps some alien/other worldly action comedies that utilize a partner mentality like Men in Black and Ghostbusters.  Well R.I.P.D. is not the movie for you, sadly, if the trailer and premise was anything you got excited for.  In a summer where inevitable sequels, remakes, and established properties are going to rule the roost, R.I.P.D. is a bad mashup of so many other movies that its bloated corpse will float to the top of the list of bad movies this summer.  Thankfully, the smell is masked by some (few) things about a movie that is based on so many other movies and an established comic book property.

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Movie Review – Pacific Rim

I imaging Jaegers give the greatest of high fives.

It has been 20 years in the making since I fondly remember battling monsters with my transformer action figures when I was like 8.  Pretending that these two plastic toys are really engaging in some sort of world-wide destruction battle, I just wish that it was something for real that we could see.  Not real in the sense like there was an actual attack on America by Godzilla, but something more live action than my young, developing brain could imagine.

Now that I am a little older, a little wiser and still have the mindset of wanting to see giant mech battles with giant monsters, I think I have found the movie of my youth.  That movie is Pacific Rim.

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Movie of the Day – The Bay

I realize I have decidedly put my foot, firmly in the ground in defiance to the use of shaky cam, found footage movies in Hollywood.  Lazy filmmaking at its finest is all I have to say and frankly executives practically jizz themselves at the words “found footage” and “shaky cam”.  I will admit that there are some exceptions to the rule with some incredibly novel concepts that yield some gold from the idea.  V.H.S and Chronicle both ended up being really enjoyable flicks that otherwise wouldn’t have gotten made if it weren’t for the two aforementioned words that Hollywood loves.  Today, no thanks to a trailer that got me fairly excited for something interesting, I give you the latest “found footage” movie that should be worth your time and that is The Bay.

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Movie Review – A Band Called Death

Death comes for us all.

You know, I always associate Detroit with the soulful sounds of Motown and funk music.  I mean bands like The Temptation, The Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas and even the Contours basically defined the music scene there.  I fully get that this is a narrow view of the rich diversity of the Detroit music scene, but when I think of a group of African-American musicians coming together to create music, I and the subjects of the rockumentary A Band Called Death will tell you, the expectation is that it would be Motown-esque.  Thanks to the efforts of directors Mark Covino and Jeff Howlett, we get to uncover a band whose time has finally come.  Some 30 years ago, a group of African-American brothers would form a band that would change the music scene of their time by being, what some would contend, the first punk band ever.  That is, they would have been if it weren’t for the name and their unconventional playing style.

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Movie Review – World War Z

Ok let’s just get this out of the way first before we discuss the movie.  World War Z is in no way shape or form anything like the Max Brooks book of the same name.  Those hoping to see a National Geographic-esque documentary about the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse and mankind reeling from the Z attack, will be utterly crushed under a horde of zombies.  If you can come to terms with the fact that the latest zombie blockbuster is just that, a zombie blockbuster that shares the same name with the book, you will find an enjoyable, action packed summer movie that you can just check your brain at the door.  With that said, let’s shamble (or in the movies case, sprint) on through the squishy insides of director Marc Forster (Monster’s Ball, Machine Gun Preacher, Stranger Than Fiction) and star Brad Pitt’s attempt to give the zombie genre a big screen, summer blockbuster.

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Movie Review – The Bling Ring

Hmmm, rich, vapid young teens who are bored with the mundane lifestyles of their own opulent lives  decided to go on a crime spree that involves stealing from rich celebrities because there is nothing better to do with their time.  That is the basic premise behind Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring and surprisingly the actual real life events that were just juicy pieces of tabloid trash and upscale magazine fillers.  Anything dealing with the rich and famous will get the masses interested and the real life crime spree that these teens did was almost too good to pass up.

I can see why Coppola decided to make this sort of movie or at least adapt the story to the big screen.  This story was the center of a Vanity Fair article on the teens and their notorious crimes against celebrities.  It went into detail about the robberies of Lohan, Hilton, Bloom and other celebrities that call Beverly Hills their home.  The story then turned into a Lifetime movie called Bling Ring and now Coppola gets to do yet another movie about the supposed banality of the rich and affluent.  If anything, it just solidifies my assumption that Sofia only likes to do movie that involve rich white people and their rich white people problems.  Sigh, being wealthy, gorgeous, glamorous and young is so tiring and banal.

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Movie of the Day – Death Wish

Oh boy, how do I tip toe around this movie so as not to seem like some sort of revenge seeking, street justice, manic vigilante inhibitor.  I mean I like violent movies, but this is one where there is some sort of vigilante fantasy come to life where the citizens of the world can’t depend on the police to resolve matters, but they themselves become the problem solvers.  Death Wish is the sort of movie that fulfills that itch that some citizens have, the man who takes justice into his hands and just cleanses the streets of the evil that fills it.  Actually you know what…this movie fucking rocks.  Thanks Charles Bronson!

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Movie of the Day – Jack Reacher

I will be the first to admit that I was ready to hate on this movie.  I usually don’t do this often since I want to give the movie a benefit of the doubt, but something about this movie and trailer just didn’t vibe with me at all.  Whether it is Tom Cruise, the look of another generic, action thriller, or just the fact that the movie might be another flash in the pan series, trying to make a grab at lighting, Jack Reacher was a dud in my eyes.  But on one faithful day at Alamo Drafthouse, one where we were slow as hell and I had some free time on my hands, I ended up giving Jack Reacher a view to see what it was all about.  Well, to say the least…I liked it.

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