Movie of the Day – Just Like Being There

This is one of my favorite documentaries I have seen this year.  As most of you know, I collect Mondo posters, actually just posters in general.  They are the art that adorns my walls, the things I covet and the stuff I love to show and acquire.  For me there is nothing better than scoring a limited edition print of a favorite movie of mine or the latest creation from some of the best movie and concert poster artists out there.  Lo and behold my excitement when this movie came across Netflix instant for my viewing pleasure, a movie that premiered at SXSW and finally have an opportunity to see the evolution of my poster obsession.

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Movie of the Day – Drive (LP Edition)

So I have talked about this movie several times in the past, mainly since I first reviewed it and then another time when it was also a Movie of the Day post as well.  But today folks, today is special.  The LP Edition of this post is mainly so I can show off two pieces of Mondo goodness that are related to the movie that I have gotten in the past month, basically culminating with the acquisition of the long awaited Mondo Drive LP pressing. Behold!


Yeah I even managed to score the rare pink pressing of the LP.  I can’t even begin to tell you all how excited I am and that this LP is the little brother to this beauty that is currently hanging up in my house:


So yeah I feel that with today’s haul, this is a good enough time to pick Drive as my Movie of the Day.

You know the drill, here is an excerpt and  link to the original review I did to the movie and really, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, DO IT!

Have a good day!

It’s rare when I will come out and say “that is a perfect movie”.  Everything just vibes and connects so well that it’s a seamless experience watching the movie.  I love having my expectations altered in the movie and the play on the genre was refreshing and changed the game for me.  I have been impressed with Refn’s previous movies and this is no exception.  Refn take the simplistic genre of action and car chases, injects it with this European sensibility and gives us one the most stylish movies of year.  Shocking and beautiful violence, electro-pop soundtrack tempo, strong character types, and an unconventional genre skewing film all produce one of my favorite movies of the year.

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Mondo Mania!

Well I have decided that I will do away with a movie of the day post and decide to produce a little humble brag article for today.  As some of you have read before, back in January I and another guest blogger both picked out our favorite top ten Mondo posters of 2012.  You can see the articles here and here.  Now if you aren’t familiar with Mondo, let’s just say that it is some of the most impressive, artistic and collectible movies posters out there.  Anything that has to do with Mondo is highly collected and coveted.  I have been trying to collect Mondo’s since 2011, a little late to the game but still I think I have amassed a sizable possession of posters that have come to be some of the best art a person like me can own.  They are absolutely striking and captivating, often giving a movie a new life with some of the best artists out there giving it a new twist.

So today I wanted to showcase what I currently have in my collection.  I pulled images from the internet as I don’t have a high grade camera to get the details of the poster to shine.  Believe me though, the pictures don’t do them justice and must be seen to believe.  Enjoy!

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Movie of the Day – Army of Darkness (special edition)

Folks, tonight is a special night.  While I have talked about Army of Darkness before on a previous post, I felt it was worth the time to just post about this again, not at length though.  No folks, I am posting this because this evening at the Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet in Kansas City, I will be hosting a special screening of Army of Darkness in 35mm.  But that isn’t all, tonight it will be a MONDO EVENT, meaning that the lucky 116 people in attendance tonight will be getting a very exclusive Mondo poster of Army of Darkness, one that will surely be one of the most impressive releases this year for Mondo.  I am so utterly excited to be helping with this event and I have seen the poster early.  I will tell you all that is a thing of beauty and the people in attendance tonight are going to go nuts.

So what a perfect way to celebrate the new Evil Dead movie being released than a Mondo Event on Army of Darkness.  I will update this once I am able to post about the poster in its entirety.

Hail to the King Baby!


Movie of the Day – The Lost Boys

Today’s post is more or less inspired by the recent Mondo poster releases.  You got to love this company and their stable of artists who just turn out some amazing prints like today’s:

Lost Boys 1a

Now I am a buyer of all things Mondo and I do have a certain fondness for this movie, along with the Corey’s and Sutherland who made a killer vampire movie.  This print though, doesn’t scream The Lost Boys, mainly cause of the bat.  While excellent, I was drooling over Phantom City Creative’s secondary print, which I am currently bidding on Ebay for:

Lost Boys 1b

Now that is what I call a perfect poster that reflects the pure 80s feel of this movie.  The Lost Boys though will always conjure up images of one thing in particular for me.  One thing that defines this vampire movie as one of the best out there.  Sure it could be the Goonies like feel amongst the vampire slayers, the gritty, punk aesthetic the vampires have or the sheer insanity of the violence and ensuing battle that happens near the end of the movie.

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Top 10 Mondo Posters of 2012: Guest Blogger Picks

Alright alright alright, time for a guest blogger to wow you poster fanatics with his personal picks for top Mondo posters of 2012.  This time my good friend and Mondo enthusiast, Luke Physioc, is stepping to wow you with his favorite posters and give you way better reasons about why he picked what he picked.  He is also an artist, so his word carries more weight.

If you want to submit your picks, drop me a message on twitter or leave a comment on the article.  I welcome everyone’s selections.

Now, on to the list.

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Movie of the Day – The Deadly Spawn

Ah yes, The Deadly Spawn, a movie that truly embraces it’s B movie qualities and low, low budget fair in order to craft an unforgettable horror flick.  I think the trailers over exaggeration of this being the movie that sci-fi fans were waiting for, might just be a bit of a reach.  I certainly enjoyed the general terribleness of this movie and I adore this even more since I got the coolest thing in the world that only enhances my enjoyment of the movie…which you can view after the jump.

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