Movie of the Day – Contagion

Well, I think this movie perfectly sums up how I feel currently.  I am in the midst of battling illness, one that is definitely winning as I came home work and pretty much it all hit me like a sack of bricks.  I was fine Saturday, I was ok this morning, but something about coming really lets your defenses down and the cold to take over.  I assure you, I don’t need Matt Damon to come and help me out, but it would be cool to hang out with him for the day.   Just saying if that ever happens it would be cool.

So, what a perfect movie to instill fear in the populace with the threat of a global pandemic of sinus infections, coughing and chest congestion.  CONTAGION!

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Movie of the Day – Enemy at the Gates

Like any red blooded American, war movies are a main staple in your movie watching experiences.  Sure the grand opus of war is often bloody and a spectacle to behold, but for me, it’s when a movie chooses to focus on the tense hunt of tracking down the enemy and taking them out.  I enjoy war movies, but often times it is chaotic and hard to focus on a singular person.  What appealed to me about this movie is that the focus is on a sniper battle.  The often unseen trigger man on the battle field that sees who they kill, rather than a soldier just spraying bullets down the battlefield.  Enemy at the Gates is a very tightly paced movie (except for that stupid love story, which I will get to) and more of a character study about two men who are locked in combat with one another.  It is more about the brains rather than the brawn in this particular combat.

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Movie of the Day – Gattaca

I enjoy sci-fi movies for the subject matter that they are willing to touch upon.  Most people look at sci-fi movies and think they are all about laser beams, *pew pew*, ships, aliens and intergalactic space nookie (thanks a lot Captain Kirk).  Not a lot of credit is given to sci-fi movies about the possible direction that technology can take us.  Michael Bay’s (can’t believe I am bringing him up) The Island brought to light the possibility of organ farming from clones.  The Matrix trilogy story line was based on the birth of Artificial Intelligence and what could, COULD, happen to society when AI become self aware.  In fact, apparently the only way to talk about future technology and implications that it has on our society is too make sure there is a lot of action sequences and CGI.  Guess it makes the stark reality of our future and technology an easier pill to swallow.  I am sure there are more reputable movies out that deal with serious technological advancements, but I am too lazy to go look them up or think about them.

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