Movie of the Day – 13 Assassins

Takashi Miike is a lot of things, well actually one thing and that is the visceral director of some of the most insane and disturbing films to come out of the era of V-cinema and Japanese filmmaking.  A man who puts to film some depraved things like Visitor Q, Izo, Dead or Alive and Ichi The Killer.  If you have never seen any of his films, they are hard to watch but there is no denying the sheer boundaries that have been pushed by his filmmaking.  Titillating and thought provoking, his films have a unique style that I admire as a fan of film.  But seeing him take on more complicated projections and properties is something that can only lead to a certain cinematic style that Miike can bring.  Tackling a remake of the 1963 film of the same name is a tall order, but there is no denying that his intensity will be carefully transposed on the film that plays fast with a loose historical affiliation and one of the most intense third acts in film history.

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Movie of the Day – The Machine Girl

Yeah, I know.  What the fuck?

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Movie of the Day – Casshern

If you are interested in movies that look like video games, then this will be the movie for you.  I have seen a lot of movies in my time, but none that really just go for the visual spectacle like Casshern does.  How it escaped my eyes for several years, I must say that I took the recommendation of Netflix to check this out after watching Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow (I liked that movie, so what) and sat there glued to my TV by the visual onslaught of a large, production budget for effects and nothing else.  Yeah, it kind of plays out like a video game that is all style and no substance, but damn if this isn’t one of the prettiest movies out there.  For an Asian release anyways.

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Movie of the Day – Lust, Caution

Time for sexy spy, thriller, Asian film, which I am certain that statement has filled some niche fetish out there, but I am talking about a classy sexy spy thriller.  Lust, Caution is another phenomenal from Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain) that is both a historical, period piece and also a finely tuned spy thriller.  The film though is more so remembered for the controversy that it courted as it was rated NC-17 for explicit sex scenes.  Sadly this movie will be remembered for that fact rather than the beautiful acting and engaging story.  It’s weird that if you bring up this film, the sex scenes are probably the only thing that people will recall if they have heard of the movie.  What the fuck is the deal with people being hung up about a little acrobatic sex in movies?  Well I want to do this film justice and also talk about the sex scenes for some additional page views.

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Movie of the Day – The Sword of Doom

So it is very hard to find some trailers for older movies out there on the web, which is a shame since the original trailer on the dvd for this movie has an amazing tempo to it to build to the height of the film.  But a fan made trailer will suffice as I want to talk about today’s selection, The Sword of Doom.  I have bestowed much appreciation for the samurai film genre in the past.  Whether I am talking about chambra films or Jidaigeki (period films), the stories and rich history of the feudal Japan era makes for compelling films.  This one in particular is very interesting as it was originally supposed to be a trilogy, but after the first movie was released, nothing ever came of the preceding sequels.  It left the movie open to interpretation and skepticism, when it really should have been finished.  This open ending makes for a deeper conversation about the tribulations of the character and the life that he lives.

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Movie of the Day – Death Trance

I am in a pretty good mood this evening, so instead of picking a movie that requires a lot of insight or thought, I just want to pick a movie when I can shut my brain off, have a drink and watch ridiculous action scenes unfold before my eyes.  In order to do that, I got to go with some Japanese cinema in the form of Death Trance.  If you watched the trailer, yes it is as ridiculous as it seems.  Yes I enjoy the mindlessness of this movie to its fullest extent.  Why?  Because it is done by the same people who made the awfully wonderful movie Versus.  That’s why.  Let me explain just a little bit more.

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