Movie of the Day – Contagion

Well, I think this movie perfectly sums up how I feel currently.  I am in the midst of battling illness, one that is definitely winning as I came home work and pretty much it all hit me like a sack of bricks.  I was fine Saturday, I was ok this morning, but something about coming really lets your defenses down and the cold to take over.  I assure you, I don’t need Matt Damon to come and help me out, but it would be cool to hang out with him for the day.   Just saying if that ever happens it would be cool.

So, what a perfect movie to instill fear in the populace with the threat of a global pandemic of sinus infections, coughing and chest congestion.  CONTAGION!

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Movie of the Day – 28 Weeks Later

I figure it has been about 28 weeks after my initial post on 28 Days Later and if it hasn’t, well let’s pretend it is so that my opening statement is a pun off of the title of today’s post.  You all know how I feel about horror films and 28 Days Later broke that mold and flipped it on it’s head with the traditional “zombie”/horror flick.  While you can go back and read what my thoughts were on the original, I can’t forget that they made a sequel to 28 Days Later, which surprisingly was very enjoyable and good for a solid horror flick.  Sure it shed the original director, Danny Boyle, but damn if doesn’t bring back that ultra fast, rage induced infected beings to chase you to the ends of the Earth.  That is my sort of horror flick, one that keeps the pace running as fast as the villains.

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Movie of the Day – 28 Days Later

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of horror movies.  The current state of horror movies relies far too much on over the top gore and torture where I am just disgusted rather than scared of the movie.  Sure, horror movies are synonymous with violence and gore, but it can be used effectively or has an actual place in the movie.  Gore for the sake of gore doesn’t make a horror movie.  I want to be scared about the unknown, scared of the surroundings, and scared that there is no hope for the characters involved.  I don’t want to see creative (or non-creative) ways to kill off characters.  It just becomes a showcase for intricate ways to kill characters (Saw movies are the biggest culprit) and you care very little about the characters or story.

So with few choices in the scare department, I look towards the lovely genre that is zombie films to get both gore and a good story out of my movie experience.  Now before we go forward with the movie of the day, I am fully aware that there are two sides to the zombie debate, in particular the sides that are drawn with regards to 28 Days Later.  In the most traditional sense, 28 Days Later is not a zombie movie.  The “infected” are not dead, they are not re-animated corpses, they don’t eat their victims, and they do not shamble after their prey.  The “infected” are zombie like though, in that their sheer numbers and relentless pursuit of the main characters is zombie like.  I am listing it as a zombie movie for the sake of writing this post.

Now with that disclaimer out of the way, I can get to the reason as to why this is the Movie of the Day…

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