Movie of the Day – Sleepy Hollow

So apparently while watching the KC Chiefs, CHIEFS, play on Sunday against Dallas, there were a shit ton of promos for a new Fox show entitled Sleepy Hollow.  Yes folks it’s true, Fox decided that a gritty crime show will now incorporate the story of Sleepy Hollow complete with axe wielding, headless horseman and Ichabod Crane, because nothing says long lasting series than a continuous cat and mouse game of the cops searching for a headless killer.  How long do they honestly think they will get out of this premise.  We already know the killer of the show.  We already can tell that his victims won’t have a head when he is finished.  We already can tell this will be a fish out of water story where Ichabod will have to learn to deal with modern technology and form a sexy partnership with his handler.  So what’s left here to explore?  I just seriously laid out the entire premise of the show in three sentences without having to expend a lot of brain cells to come to this conclusion.  Get ready for my new show about a group of fishermen who are wondering why there is a shortage of fish out in their fishing grounds until they stumble upon a man drifting at sea named Ahab who knows the real reason for their fish loss.  MOBY DICK.

Anyways, I decided now would be a good time as any to talk about one of few Tim Burton movies that doesn’t get on my nerves.  Also it’s a movie where Johnny Depp isn’t doing his usual weird, accessory wearing roles.

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Movie of the Day – It Came From Beneath The Sea

So this month at the Alamo Drafthouse, my lovely place of employment, our programming is geared towards a singular genre, that is Beasts vs. Bots.  An entire month devoted to monster, kaiju, robots and all things kick ass will be the focus of our month of July programming in anticipation of Pacific Rim.  Showing at the Drafthouse today was one of the early classics of a young Harryhausen, It Came From Beneath The Sea.  Let the stop-motion animation octopus attack begin!

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Movie of the Day – The Bay

I realize I have decidedly put my foot, firmly in the ground in defiance to the use of shaky cam, found footage movies in Hollywood.  Lazy filmmaking at its finest is all I have to say and frankly executives practically jizz themselves at the words “found footage” and “shaky cam”.  I will admit that there are some exceptions to the rule with some incredibly novel concepts that yield some gold from the idea.  V.H.S and Chronicle both ended up being really enjoyable flicks that otherwise wouldn’t have gotten made if it weren’t for the two aforementioned words that Hollywood loves.  Today, no thanks to a trailer that got me fairly excited for something interesting, I give you the latest “found footage” movie that should be worth your time and that is The Bay.

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Movie of the Day – Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane

Oh yes people, I am definitely going to enjoy talking about this shitty gem from a time when zombies were all the rage.  Dead Plane is it also called and will be called cause I refuse to type the whole shit name out, but regardless of the title and the farce of a premise that placing zombies on a trans-atlantic flight could be exciting for anyone, this actually was a fantastic piece of gory crap that is just pure trashy fun and for that, I love it.  It’s zombies on a plane folks, there is really the only logical place that zombie movies can go.

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Movie of the Day – Warm Bodies

I fear that we as a film seeing society, will hit critical zombie over-saturation and the zombie genre will be played the fuck out.  Almost every zombie movie is the same with the kills, character arcs and overall same plot structure in that the people try to survive a particular situation from zombies and live to tell the tale.  They ride off into the sunset, somehow one chapter of a larger story is done and it feels a bit cheap and easy.  Now we have shows like The Walking Dead which manage to continue the story that most zombie leave off on, the continuation of the lives of those living in a zombie filled world.  It’s a better story overall and gives us zombies, but not really, at least in the story structure sense.  So maybe that is why I took to Warm Bodies with such a receptive and wide open arm stance than anything else.  A zombie love story?  Alright let’s see how it plays out.

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Movie of the Day – Mama

One of the best experiences that I can have at a movie theater is when I am in a packed theater during a scary movie.  It doesn’t need to be a gore flick, but a moody, jump scare film.  Now there are plenty of those flicks getting released that offer a bare minimum thrills because apparently making horror movies is a cheap and quick way to make a buck.  There are too many that get released that just come and go, but sometimes there is a movie that sticks out of the muck of gore, violent, and jumpy movies.  Mama managed to be one of those movies that made for a great view in a crowded theater because it relied on something that a of horror movies are missing, true old school scares.  Nothing beats a well timed and rightfully placed “boo”.

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Movie of the Day – Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

Now I talked about the original Silent Night, Deadly Night back in December when it was around Christmas time.  I mean it was an appropriate movie for the time and what better Christmas movie than one about a rampaging killer in a Santa Claus outfit.  Well today I am going to talk about the sequel, mainly the only thing about the sequel that truly exemplifies the utter amazement that movies like this and there low budget qualities can totally redeem themselves.  If you know about this movie, then you know exactly what I am talking about.  If not, then get ready for the 20 second scene that is the crowning moment of this movie.

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Movie of the Day – Blade II

So good and campy that I had to go ahead with the second one in the franchise.  I certainly won’t be pushing any praise on that craptastic third Blade film, Blade Trinity, cause fuck that sucked.  No I want to go into the often crapped on, but ultimately pleasing sequel to the breakout hit Blade with the sequel directed by Guillermo Del Toro.  Yeah, he ended up making a wildly satisfying flick that gave us more of what made the original fun to watch, but neglected to give us anything in terms of plot, dialogue, or anything else that could have made this flick.  But fuck all that, lets get to the Daywalker goodness of vampire hunting.

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Movie of the Day – Blade

So Wesley Snipes got out of prison this past week, which means a Blade 4 or whatever is probably going to be in the works as we speak.  Now I liked the first two Blade pics, not the last one with Ryan Reynolds and something about a super vampire or whatever, but the Blade series has always been this campy, fetish style horror, action flick that delivered on what it wanted and that is about all you can ask for.  I am not looking for something deep or prophetic, just Blade going around town, killing vampires, playing techno music and always betting on black.

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Movie of the Day – The Hunger

I am not going to lie, David Bowie is really the only reason to watch this movie.  I mean I have been on a Bowie kick as of late with most of my trivia hosting comprising of Bowie songs in between rounds, watching the Prestige and even catching the 35mm print of The Man Who Fell To Earth at the Drafthouse.  Also I am really hoping that I win the bidding for the Craig Drake screen print of David Bowie from The Hunger, I mean it’s a fucking gorgeous print.  Take a look!


Damn that is sexy as hell.  I really hope I can get a hold of this print.  Anyways let’s jump into the lesbo vampire, David Bowie flick. Read more of this post