Movie of the Day – Pumpkinhead

Ahh, fall, the time of the year when food and bear suddenly have the taste of pumpkin in every drink and bite you take.  I don’t know why pumpkin has suddenly decided to be like cranberry’s and get in every possible culinary dish and drink, but it is inescapable.  If you are one of those people that know it’s fall when Starbucks decides to release their pumpkin spice latte…I am indifferent about you.  They aren’t that good, I should know cause I was a barista at one time for Starbucks.  Shit I got sidetracked, anyways to celebrate pumpkins being in all the food for fall this year, why not a movie with pumpkin in the title.

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Movie of the Day – Arachnophobia



Screw it, I don’t even need to explain the concept of a deadly spider infestation as being scary.  This is fucking terrifying.

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Movie of the Day – Zombi 2

Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie.  The main staple of any horror or gore fans diet of film intake involves the love of watching Zombie movies.  The slow moving creatures of death are unmistakable in our pop culture and permeate the pores of horror fans alike.  While I may not be much of a horror film fan, I do love zombies.  In particular I love this zombie movie for the sheer ridiculousness and gore of several scenes from the Lucio Fulci directed film.  If you aren’t familiar with Lucio Fulci, he is basically one of the most revered figures in gore movies and prolific horror director.  This was a the movie that essentially made him the figure head he is in the horror genre.  To be honest there isn’t much to say about the movie other than the story and two clips I am going to show since it about sums up my love of this movie.

A boat arrives in New York with no sign of a crew, except for a corpse that comes to life and kills one of the police men and is shot and dumped overboard.  Anne Bowles (Tisa Farrow) is questioned by the police because the boat belongs to her father.  She sets out to investigate the boat and the whereabouts of her father with the help of a reporter named Peter West (Ian McCulloch) and they stumble upon a note saying that the island of Matool is suffering from a terrible disease.  The two set out to the island and see what is causing this disease and find her father.  When they arrive on the island, they find out that the island is being plagued by a disease that brings the dead back to life.

So to keep this short, here are the two scenes that pretty much cement the movie as one of the best zombie movies out there.

Ahem…ZOMBIE FIGHTING A SHARK!  That’s right, a zombie, underwater, fighting a fucking shark!

And finally the one scene that makes a lasting impression on any horror and gore fan.  The Infamous Eye Gouge scene.  Warning!!!!!  GRAPHIC AS FUCK!

The rest of the movie is pretty awesome as well, but those two scenes are all you need to get you to watch the movie.  Happy Trails!