Movie of the Day – John Q

Gah…….this illness sucks.  And with all illnesses, there is an underlying issue and cure to be had.  The issue, I am still not better.  The cure, Denzel Washington movies.  While I could watch a myriad of other Washington films that are largely better, I settled on this one cause if we need a change in the medical world, then by god Denzel is the man to do it.

John Q 1a

Movie of the Day – Sicko

I am not doing this post to make a political statement or trying to drum up some kind of heated discussion on the topic of healthcare in America.  I mean if people want to talk about it in the comments section, please feel free to do so.  What I am wanting to talk about today is a solid documentary film, that is what I want to do and maybe some personal commentary.  No matter what Michael Moore does, he always has his detractors.  Whether they launch into the man and his weight problem, call him ultra-liberal or disparage his films as being one-sided and sensational, I got to give him some credit with his skills in terms of getting us to talk about the issues.  It might be far too left leaning for me (I don’t affiliate with Democrat or Republican parties) at times, but you got to appreciate that this individual is going out and tackling the things that matter most to Americans and bringing it to light.  That is what a good documentary is, even if there is an agenda behind it, the mechanics and themes resonate.

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Movie Review – The Waiting Room

Finally finding a bit of time in my hectic life to start fully reviewing the films of the True/False Fest, I decided to start with the social documentary called The Waiting Room.  Also I was spurred on to do this review after being contact through twitter by the official Waiting Room handle, which promptly corrected me on the misspelling of the directors name Pete Nicks.  So embarrassment aside, I wanted to actually give this a full review instead of the small snippet of coverage.

To be frank and continue my traditional insight before diving into the film, healthcare in this country is one of the most heated topics of debate in this country.  I am of the notion that a country as prosperous and great as we are, it is a shame that we cannot provide healthcare to everyone in America.  It says something about a country and the way they treat their citizens when getting ill is the difference between life and death.  Sometimes it isn’t even about that, sometimes it is just about trying to get healthcare and choosing between paying for food or paying for medicine.  There have been many films in the past, one I will bring up is John Q since most people love Denzel Washington and will remember his spirited portrayal of a father going to extreme lengths to save his son.  The film was an extreme, not unlikely though, case of healthcare putting a price on life and how absurd it is to even be healthy in this world.  While the sensational nature of the film will rally those who need a new cause to take up, it is sensational to begin and end with.

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