Movie of the Day – The American Scream

I will admit, as I have done many times over the course of writing on this blog of mine, that I am not a big big horror fan.  Horror movies are not my jam and the amount that I watch horror movies dwarfed by an average horror movie watcher.  That much is certain, but I have particular tastes when it comes to the scares, blood, gore, and other aesthetics of the genre.  That lack of horror movie watching even extends to Halloween itself, where I hand out candy from time to time and will dress in costume on occasion.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have that passion for the holiday or genre that reflects said holiday, but I will tell you what, I am glad there are people out there like the one’s in today’s post who embrace their love of the spirit and holiday.  The American Scream is a scary, lovely, labor of love.

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Movie of the Day – The Monster Squad (Revisited)

I just had to, HAD TO, post this movie again for the final day of my month long horror movie post.  This…this movie is the seminal childhood movie that I look back and think, “yeah, I am a movie watcher now”.  It is this movie and The Goonies which will be my favorite childhood movies ever.  Undisputed classics, but for Halloween, I felt I needed to bring this movie up again.  It is one of my favorite movies and it includes all the classic Universal Monsters in their glory.

This movie has it all, teen adventure, comedy, horror, vampires, mummies, werewolves, nard kicking, silver bullets, chubby fat kid that ends up being bad ass, action, frankenstein, creatures from some sort of lagoon and even montages!

If you have never seen this movie, I don’t want anything to do with you.  If you are a lady and haven’t seen it, well that’s ok i guess, but see this movie now.

Below is an excerpt from my original post and a link to the whole enchilada.  Happy Halloween!

There were three movies from the 80′s that made me who I am today.  First was The Wizard and the fact that I like to game, also it helped that I am a boy and video games are ingrained in my DNA coding.  Second, The Goonies was more or less a pivotal coming of age story to me.  A band of misfit kids going on an adventure, getting shot at, discovering a lost pirate ship, all without the supervision of adults.  The last movie did more than define me a man, it prepared me for life.  A life in which vampires, mummies, creature from some sort of Black Lagoon, and Werewolves were real and can be defeated.  No longer did I need to fear these obviously fictitious creatures, but rather I use this as a holy bible to defeat mythological creatures.  Also it taught me the word “nards” to mean balls.  I really wish people would use “nards” again.  The Monster Squad takes me back, like a young college student looking back on their posted Facebook pictures from some drunken night, I look back on this movie with great fondness and befuddlement.  Seriously, where the fuck were all the parents in every single one of these kid movies.  Kidding me that they can battle the undead and monsters without mom or dad asking questions.  The 80s were a weird time.

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Movie of the Day – Sleepaway Camp

The only reason I am posting about this movie today is because the ending to Sleepaway Camp is just frightening.  Also because this movie just so happens to be sort of, in a roundabout way, the inspiration to Wet Hot American Summer.  That has to count for something in my book since that movie is fucking awesome.  I digress, Sleepaway Camp for me will only be remembered for being terribly bad, but that ending, my god that ending.

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Movie of the Day – Slugs

You know what, if you are dumb enough to get attacked and killed by slugs, then good riddance.  That is what we call “survival of the fittest” and Darwin has chosen you to be culled from society.  Slugs, I will at least give some applause for the fact that the filmmakers adapted the novel “slugs” into a rollicking monster movie where the aforementioned slugs slowly but surely kills with ridiculous efficiency.  I mean slugs as a killer creature is no more idiotic as rabbits being killers in Night of the Lepus.  While dumb in premise, the movie is fucking awesome!

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Movie of the Day – Teen Wolf

Damn, is there anyone cooler than Michael J. Fox?  I mean besides Bill Murray who is on my list of celebrities I most want to meet, The Fox is immediately second on that list.  But this movie, man, it made being a werewolf seem so fucking boss.  Shit he was the coolest kid in high school and apparently amplified your mundane activities to lycan levels of insanity.  So what I am getting at here, if the question of “what is the one person you wish you could be” comes up, I would answer Teen Wolf.

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Movie of the Day – Saw

Hello.  I would like to play a game?  The game, how many sequels will we be able to milk from one movie, therefore diluting any impact the movie has over time?  If you guess incorrectly, the penalty is having to sit through my sequels.  If you guess correctly, well, you still have to endure my sequels.  Good luck.

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Music Video of the Day – Thriller

Yup, that’s right, Michael Jackson’s Thriller is the movie of the day.  One of the best music videos around that managed to incorporate horror movie elements and even getting Vincent Price to lend his voice to the work.  Werewolves, zombies, creepy house, the occult, and a meta movie within a movie, this is the one of the best musical horror movie around.  Yeah it’s only 14 minutes, but are you going to argue with the King of Pop?

Movie of the Day – Evil Bong

*takes bong hit*

Uh….so…this um movie….it’s like….woooooah!

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Movie of the Day – Re-Animator

Zombie Rom Com.  If that doesn’t sell you on the premise of Re-Animator, then you must not be a fan of absurd horror movies.  Re-Animator is one of my favorite horror movies, solely for the reason that movie is just so subversive, darkly humorous, and gory.  A veritable cocktail mix for horror fans that are looking for a little something for everyone.  A buffet of choices for viewers and it would probably make a good group movie.  Also, who doesn’t love zombie movies?

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Movie of the Day – Scanners

There is one thing that everybody will remember about Scanners, even if they have seen the movie or not.  It’s shown in the trailer and that is the head exploding scene.  When I first saw this movie and that scene came up, I was fucking floored.  Never have I seen something that graphic and unflinching unfold on screen.  I was hooked, not because of the overt violence and gore, but because I wanted to see where this psychotic ride will take me.

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