Movie of the Day – She’s Out of My League

I am choosing this movie for one reason and one reason only, which I will get to shortly.  Now granted I actually enjoy the man child antics of 30-something male adults assuming that their lives are still like it was in college.  It provides a comedic effect that hits the most base of humor for me and provides me endless hours of entertainment and a litany of quotable moments.  But while the hilarious cast (particularly T.J. Miller) are what drive this movie to its satisfying conclusions and other shit, there is one scene in the movie where I was both excited and pretty much made the entire movie for me.

In a lot of movies, mainly comedy movies, there is usually some sort of funny musical moment in terms of cover bands or fictitious bands that just rock out.  You got the Wyld Stallyns from Bill and Ted, Sexual Chocolate in Coming to America, Soggy Bottom Boys in O’ Brother Where Art Thou, and even Spinal Tap.  These are the sort of bands that you want to see actually exists, but for me, there is one band (a cover band) that goes above and beyond the general call of awesome and pretty much made an entire movie enjoyment for me.  That band is called Adult Education.

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