Summer Movie Spectacular: June Edition

As May is starting wind up and the heavy hitter films of Battleship, Men in Black 3 and some other non-eessential viewing opening blockbusters, what you should get excited for is the upcoming month of June and the assortment of films that hit about every demographic possible.  We are looking at films aimed at tweens, goth kids, ninja fans, apocalyptic genre fans, even fans of male stripping.  As usual, there is a whole slew of films that I wish I could see but will have to keep the list of films to those that I definitely will make an effort to see and those that I will steer clear of because I don’t hate myself.  I will say that I will gladly see the films I don’t want to shell out money for if I can get some press passes so I can rip on them for the hell of it.  It’s a tough hobby/job but I do it for you, my readers.  So start saving your allowance and  break open the piggy bank, June is going to be a hell of a month.

Also I do realize that there are a lot of other films that are out on VOD or limited release, so I tried to catch the June releases that were interesting and major, along with ones that are just horrific.

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Movie of the Day – Transformers: The Movie

No shitty Michael Bay Transformers, we are going back to the innocent time of 1986 when Hasbro decided to make an epic Transformers cartoon film with a truly 80s soundtrack and more “pew pew” lasers than anyone young kid could handle.  While the G.I. Joe film came out after the release of Transformers, there was no denying that the potent combination of transforming robots and G.I. Joe’s were enough to send every red blooded child of the 80s into a catatonic state of euphoria.  For me, when I saw this movie, I will always hold this as the truest form of entertainment in the realm of the Transformers genre.  You know why this movie is held in such high regard?  Well for one thing, the opening sequence is one of the most pant’s shitting moments in a kids life.  Believe me when I say this, Hasbro knows how to open up a movie.

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Movie of the Day – G.I. Joe: The Movie

Normally I would post a trailer before diving into the meat of the film post, but to be honest, I only need to post one thing from this amazing kids television movie.  Cartoons in the 80s was, still is, the shit.  You can take your Nickelodeon toon’s and shove it cause it doesn’t get better than watching 30 mins commercials for toys that fucking ruled.  I have been watching the G.I. Joe cartoon on Netflix this past week and it has been awesome.  I am recapturing the essence of my childhood in marathon sessions of “Yo JOE” and PSA’s about knowing something about battles or whatever.  Personally, the series was kick ass but the movie, oh God, the movie was truly a stroke of genius.  Sure, they didn’t follow through with their plan to kill off a main character, but for me G.I. Joe The Movie had one of the amazing openings to a movie in forever.  Check out below:

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