Movie of the Day – Mama

One of the best experiences that I can have at a movie theater is when I am in a packed theater during a scary movie.  It doesn’t need to be a gore flick, but a moody, jump scare film.  Now there are plenty of those flicks getting released that offer a bare minimum thrills because apparently making horror movies is a cheap and quick way to make a buck.  There are too many that get released that just come and go, but sometimes there is a movie that sticks out of the muck of gore, violent, and jumpy movies.  Mama managed to be one of those movies that made for a great view in a crowded theater because it relied on something that a of horror movies are missing, true old school scares.  Nothing beats a well timed and rightfully placed “boo”.

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Movie of the Day – Ghostbusters II

Yeah that’s right, letting the good times roll with the sequel to Ghostbusters.  I will admit that the second one wasn”t the greatest and frankly, the inferior Ghostbusters, but damned if it isn’t entertaining. Getting the gang all back together after saving New York from a giant Marshmallow monster wasn’t enough, this time the stakes are inevitably raised higher and the monster equally imposing.

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Top 10 Movies that take place on Halloween

Yep, you read the title right.  While most top ten lists in relation to Halloween are all about the gore, scares, violence and other things associated with the fright night, I decided to go a different route and present to you the ten best movies that all take place on Halloween.  So instead of just sitting through the same lists over and over again about how awesome the Freddy movies are or what movie has the best gore for Halloween viewing, why not just watch a movie that just happens to take place on Halloween.

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Movie of the Day – Paranormal Activity

Alright, I am not choosing this movie because the latest film is out in theaters today.  I am choosing this movie as it was a simple concept that was extremely well executed at the time.  It was able to play upon the general fears that people have of the unknown and things that go bump in the night.  I certainly got chills when I saw it in theaters and to this day it still has this eerie unsettling feeling when watching it.  I guess that we are in the Halloween Season, so a scary movie is in order.

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