Movie of the Day – Indie Game: The Movie

I haven’t done a documentary in a while and I wanted to definitely talk about this particular documentary that a gamer friend of mine showed me a while back.   I am definitely a casual gamer by definition.  I don’t spend countless hours honing my skills in multiplayer games developed for the mass market.  If I ever play a game, it’s usually one that I can lose myself in from time to time.   I love RPGs, mainly because of the investment in development of my character and getting immersed in a world and story.  Mass Effect and Borderlands are two that I have been playing religiously as of late, putting in a few hours when I can here and there, but while the mass appeal of those games are great with their big budget productions, I do yearn for something a bit more unique and outside the box.  That is where the indie game market comes into play.  That is the subject of the documentary, a look into the world of those that communicate with the gaming community through these micro games that buck the big distributors and studios.  They find success amongst those that welcome creativity and the development of independent games.

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Movie of the Day – The Hunger Games

Thank God there is finally some type of strong, female character out for those sad, mopey teenage girls to look up to.  Christ, if that Bella Swan character is a role model for kids these days, I welcome whatever apocalypse that awaits us and soon.  I have read the series (yeah I know) and really ended up enjoying both the film and book series to a rather large degree.  I was excited to see how well a violent sport where kids kill other kids would end up playing here in America considering Battle Royale was never allowed a theatrical release here.  To my surprising, despite some cinematic faults, The Hunger Games is a worthy and desperately needed movie to get these brain dead kids some character depth and better role models.

The Hunger Games got a favorable review from me initially, as in repeat viewings kind of dragged down my excitement from a technical aspect, but overall the final product ended up being incredible.  I mean don’t get me wrong, seeing Jennifer Lawrence running around the forest for 2 hours is a big selling point for me, visually it was a dystopian landscape which I love a lot.  The action was interesting, the character colorful and vibrant, the outlook bleak and bloody, and aside from the dumb character names, I was more or less stoked for the future of facial hair in The Hunger Games timeline.


Anyways, below is an excerpt of my review I did when it debuted and also a link to the full article.  It came out on DVD and Blu-Ray so it is well worth the rent if you haven’t seen it.

If anything, the film is carried by an incredible cast of young actors and some hammy acting from a few particular characters.  But the bulk of the film is placed on the young heroine Katniss, played by the gorgeous and ferocious Jennifer Lawrence.  So delicate and melancholy is her looks and demeanor, that when pushed to the edge of her limits, you see the seething need to survive at all costs.  This is the way a strong female lead needs to be shown in films.  How anyone can look at the other young adult fiction counterpart Bella Swan and see her as anything but helpless is beyond my comprehension.  Lawrence’s pure raw emotion comes through in every scene, either when she is bucking the establishment of the Capitol or fighting to survive.  The intensity of her skills with the bow and physicality of role cement and bring to life what you imagined Katniss is like in the book series.  Continue Reading Here

Movie of the Day – He Got Game

Apparently there is a big game happening tonight which I won’t be watching I procured the latest episode of Game of Thrones, so that will be occupying my time this evening.  But I am not a complete shutout when it comes to the collegiate sports that is taking place.  I figured that in honor of the big game, I would choose a movie that is about basketball and one of the more accessible of Spike Lee’s film.  While sports films tend to have a lean of the underdog tone and the moral conflict about the protagonist, the film doesn’t just focus on this dynamic, but adds a bit of a melodrama and touching introspective look at life and choices.

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