Movie of the Day – Lockout

I always like to go back to past reviews and remind people that these movies exist and are fantastic.  Also these re-reviews often coincide with the release of the Blu-Ray or DVD of said movie so people have an opportunity to go and see this if they missed it in theaters.  I have made my love of science fiction movies well known since the beginning of Another Plot Device.  I will watch them all, good or bad, and revel in the physics, action, insight, exploration or pure sci-fi cheese.  I love it all!  So Lockout pretty much hit all the buttons for me in terms of action, science fiction tropes, anti-hero, and bad movie physics.  It has got it all and it reminds me of one of the my favorite movies, Escape From New York, just set it space.

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Movie Review – Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson has made the most Wes Andersony movie ever.  That is not a bad thing mind you, so don’t let that opening be misleading.  If you love Wes Anderson films, you will love his latest offering, Moonrise Kingdom.  If you are unfamiliar with Wes Anderson and his idiosyncratic filmmaking, here is a bullet list of the stuff you will see in his movies….all of them:

  • Kids acting like adults
  • Adults acting like kids
  • Strained family dynamics
  • Plaid
  • Esoteric musical choices
  • Scenes that are dead center framed
  • So much whimsy
  • Magical setting that seem created in a different world
  • Bold type font
  • More whimsy
  • Bill Murray being fucking awesome

This bullet list is pretty much the expectations you will have when you go into a Wes Anderson film, but all these elements used in someone else’s movie, doesn’t seem right.  All these things are uniquely refreshing and cohesive when given to Anderson, but it sometimes strays into the familiar territory that leads me to the impasse of Moonrise Kingdom.

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Movie of the Day – Zack and Miri Make a Porno

After a long discussion with my co-workers today about the movie Ted and my review I did, I couldn’t help but choose another raunchy comedy sans the foul mouthed inclusion of a teddy bear.  I guess you could say that Seth Rogen looks like a teddy bear, but I won’t do that.  I am an unabashed Kevin Smith fan through and through.  His work might seem juvenile and he isn’t the most visually pleasing director, but the strengths come from his comedic writing and vulgarity that seems sweet at times while offending most of the time.  Zack and Miri was a very under seen movie when it came out, but for me, it’s one of the funniest films of his career.

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Movie of the Day – The Money Pit

So I just got done helping my friends Julia and Michelle move into their new place, in the heat, which was about 105 degrees today.  I don’t mind moving or helping to move friends cause that’s what friends do, but I am tired and exhausted and doing today’s post requires a bit of effort on my part.  But that won’t stop me from posting today, no sir it won’t.  I decided to keep with a theme for today as I did for yesterday which was about baseball.  I could have chosen the 1988 Richard Pryor movie called Moving, which would seem appropriate, but it isn’t a good movie and I only post about movies I like.  So I classic, funny, 80s and Hanksy. That’s right, today is all about Tom Hanks in The Money Pit.  Just for the record, my friends didn’t buy a house so they won’t encounter these sort of problems, but it’s a movie about moving and the joys of living in a new place.

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Movie of the Day – The Bad News Bears (1976)

So this weekend in Kansas City, our town is hosting the All-Star game.  If I was a baseball fan, I would be excited about this, but instead I am just more “cool”  about it.  So the large influx of people to KC means things are going to be hectic here with a massive amount of stuff going to satiate the crowds who are here to either see the game or just came for the All-Star fest related programs other than baseball.  So today I wanted to post a movie that is baseball related and since I already did Major League, I chose another equally funny, profane movie.  And nothing is funnier than kids swearing and being utter dicks.

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Movie of the Day – Cedar Rapids

I am slightly angry at the fact that Cedar Rapids was one of the funniest comedies of 2011 that went severely unseen by a lot of people.  Sure, the Hangover 2 reigned supreme with it’s remake of the first film in the series, but for me, this was by far and away the best comedy around.  With a cast of well known actors, both comedic and dramatic, Cedar Rapids ended up taking the dull setting and life of a Midwestern insurance sales conference and blended raunchy humor and sickly sweet storytelling.  Also Isiah Whitlock, Jr. from The Wire is in this movie, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit.

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Movie of the Day – She’s Out of My League

I am choosing this movie for one reason and one reason only, which I will get to shortly.  Now granted I actually enjoy the man child antics of 30-something male adults assuming that their lives are still like it was in college.  It provides a comedic effect that hits the most base of humor for me and provides me endless hours of entertainment and a litany of quotable moments.  But while the hilarious cast (particularly T.J. Miller) are what drive this movie to its satisfying conclusions and other shit, there is one scene in the movie where I was both excited and pretty much made the entire movie for me.

In a lot of movies, mainly comedy movies, there is usually some sort of funny musical moment in terms of cover bands or fictitious bands that just rock out.  You got the Wyld Stallyns from Bill and Ted, Sexual Chocolate in Coming to America, Soggy Bottom Boys in O’ Brother Where Art Thou, and even Spinal Tap.  These are the sort of bands that you want to see actually exists, but for me, there is one band (a cover band) that goes above and beyond the general call of awesome and pretty much made an entire movie enjoyment for me.  That band is called Adult Education.

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Movie of the Day – The Aristocrats

This will be a short post, mainly because this documentary doesn’t need a lot of set up or delivery.  Vulgarity is something that is off putting to a lot of people.  For me, not so much since I swear and can be rather vulgar at times.  But I am not doing this just for the lulz, but rather I enjoy seeing peoples reaction to having sometimes infantile, juvenile humor.  So when a documentary touts that this is about the single more profane and iconic jokes that a comedian can come up with, I am in it for the long haul.

The premise is a simple one, take the biggest names in comedy and have them all talk about the one singular joke that defies convention.  Have them tell the joke in their style and watch the general vulgarity fly.  The comedians all give their little twist to the joke and talk about the history of how they came to know of this joke.  Often times, the jokes are hilarious and brilliant considering the off the cuff remarks that they make when telling the joke.  Other times, you feel icky and revolted at such a joke that you can’t imagine anyone finding the humor in it.

I enjoyed the documentary, mainly because they were able to pool such an incredible line up of comedians to retell the joke and each put their own little flair to the joke.  Pushing things to their limits is what this is all about, whether they want to blow your mind with the amount of vile things that take place in the joke or to get you to laugh the absurdity of it.  I am going to say right now, if you have vulgar, lewd, obscene, tasteless comedy, then don’t watch this.  If you are curious as to what sort of power one joke has, then watch it.

Enjoy folks!