Movie of the Day – Synecdoche, New York

Often times during my quest to take in all that is cinema, there are a few times in which I find myself have to retread over previously seen territory.  It’s usually for a number of reason that I re-watch movies, the most obvious is just because I rather enjoy a particular film.  Sometimes it is because a certain film just picks me up after a long day at work or when I need to hear something rather humorous in the background.  Then there are the films that I re-watch because I have to, not because I wasn’t attentive enough the first time around, but for the sole reason that it demands a second watch.

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Movie of the Day – Atlantic Rim



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Movie of the Day – No Retreat, No Surrender

I talked about Arnold’s first movie role in Hercules in New York, a movie that had the Austrian body builder and future catchphrase maker horribly act his way through a movie that would be considered lower than z-movie grade status.  Now I get to talk a little about the first film of Jean Cluade Van Damme’s career, well one that didn’t have him billed as Gay Karate Man in Monaco Forever, and one in which he has to be typecast as a jump kick, leg split doing, Eastern bloc bad guy who decimates his foes with perfectly sculpted hair.  This is a pretty fucking kick ass movie with a special appearance by Bruce Lee!!!!…..not really.

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Movie of the Day – Doctor Butcher M.D.

I am certain that visiting this M.D. is not going to be covered by my insurance.  I think being use in an experiment to prolong my lifespan would be considered more cosmetic surgery than anything else, which is a shame cause Doctor Butcher does have some convincing evidence that would lead me to believe that one could live a hundred years longer than intended.  Plus his bedside manner seems rough at first, but that is just apprehension from patients being used for illegal experiments, you’ll get over it once you go under the knife.

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Movie of the Day – Three The Hard Way

Ladies, you are all going to have to control yourselves as I realize that the leading men in today’s post are pure machismo.  I mean you got Jim Brown, former football star and Fireball from The Running Man, Jim Kelly who rocked it in Enter The Dragon and Fred Williamson who was the star of Boss Nigger, which is fucking amazing.  These gentlemen of the blaxploitation film era all teamed up for what could be considered The Expendables cast of the mid 70s.  Get ready for Three The Hard Way.

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Movie of the Day – The Master

Today I am going back to probably the most dividing film of 2012, The Master.  I remember my heightened anticipation, namely because I love anything that Paul Thomas Anderson does, but also for the cryptic subject matter that was teased.  Whether or not this is truly a stab at Scientology is up for debate amongst the viewers of the film, for me it is clear, but it is merely the backdrop for a deeper look at a partnership between the two leads.  The Master and the student.

Phoenix was absolutely incredible in this film as a booze drinking poon-hound of the sorts, one who’s aimless wandering through life perplexes Hoffman’s character to the point that he must study him or perhaps absorb him in a way.  He inspires his writings, his renewed vigor to control or understand an individual that isn’t prone to being under a certain authority, a certain code that only Phoenix lives by.  I am drawn into this movie more and more since it’s release on dvd/blu-ray, beautiful and intriguing.

So today, I wanted to come back to this film, one that I will certainly watch again and again as it ended up being one of the top movies of the year for me and it certainly should be seen by more people.  If you can appreciate the subject, at least enjoy the composition and cinematography that PTA uses in the film.  His looks and style is serene and sharp looking, almost hypnotizing with his array of track shots and open composition with the backdrops of his scenes.


Make no mistake about The Master, from what you have heard about this film, it is a template for a commentary on Scientology.  What that commentary is really about, I don’t know.  It isn’t some grand scheme to polarize those about Scientology or the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, but more a framework to showcase the study of the psychology between two individuals, a master and student, sheep and shepherd, father and son, whatever the correlation you want to make, it’s about an aimless individual and one who can provide the path.  For me, that is the core of the film, a study about the external factors of our life.

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The Master

Movie of the Day – Predator 2

Yeah, I concede that trading Arnold for Glover isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but at least he wasn’t getting too old for this shit.  The shit being predator hunting, cause instead of being stuck in the jungle with a bunch of sweaty, burly men, The Predator takes in the sights of Los Angeles this time around.  I guess they kept trying to connect the movie to the first with saying now it’s an urban jungle instead of an actual jungle, but whatever.  People who were going to see this movie didn’t give a shit about the setting, just that they can see some awesome predator action.  This movie certainly delivers that.

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Movie of the Day – WarGames

I have never wanted to be a hacker more in my life until I watched WarGames for the first time.  I spend some time playing computer games, but I have never stumbled onto a military server in which I engage in a game called Global Thermonuclear War with an AI named W.O.R.P.  Apparently Matthew Broderick was a gifted hacker in the 80s with Ferris Bueller changing his absences and then that one movie with the monkeys training for space.  He was, for the brief time in my life, my idol…that was until I saw Bullitt and I wanted to be Steve McQueen.

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Movie of the Day – Stunt Rock

*Begin GUITAR SOLO!!!!!*



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*Break guitar and exit stage left*

Stunt Rock!

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Movie of the Day – The Goonies

My love of The Goonies is probably greater than that of a parent and their newborn child.  I don’t think that I could ever like something more than this movie.  I wouldn’t say it defined my life, but The Goonies is the movie that got me into cinema.  It’s the reason I love watching and writing all things cinema.  I can quote this movie with the best of them.  I own this movie on multiple formats.  I can do the Truffle Shuffle, which is also a sad statement on the state of childhood obesity.  Ke Huy Quan will never be referenced by me as Short Round, but as Data.  I will be a Goonie for life.

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