Movie of the Day – Dragonheart

This is pretty much a SyFy television movie should look like.  Don’t get me wrong, I love shitty SyFy original movies, but man, Dragonheart is like the movie they should have made cause it is both ridiculous and highly enjoyable.  I remember checking out this movie in the theater when I was like 11 and to tell you the truth, I thought it was the greatest thing in the world.  IT HAD FUCKING DRAGONS!  I mean IT HAD A DRAGON!  Plus Quaid just chewing up the scenery and Sean Connery lending his voice talent to bring that dragon to life with a Scottish accent.  So damn awesome.

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TV Show of the Day – Game of Thrones

I have been extremely busy today as some lord and savior rose from the dead and it also happens to be the start of Season 3 of Game of Thrones.  So I haven’t had much time to write but what the hell, might as well make sure that a post goes out today and I want it to be on Game of Thrones.  Winter is coming…

Everyone should be watching this….everyone!

Movie of the Day – Push

Does anyone else remember this movie from 2009?  I mean I sure hope this little action, super hero-esque genre film isn’t completely forgotten because of the convoluted premise and wonky script, things that certainly hurt its standing with the critic community.  For me though, Push is a pretty fun little movie about people with kinetic powers basically battling one another to save a particular women who seems to be the key to stopping some big, scary government plot to develop super soldiers out of the kinetic enabled super humans.  Yeah, something that cool sadly got bogged down with plot issues and some lackluster pacing concerns.  Oh well, at least I get to watch Chris Evans basically wreck shit with his mind.

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Movie of the Day – Labyrinth

Whether it is the music, the puppetry, a young Jennifer Connelly, David Bowie rocking that cod-piece, or, you know what, everything about this movie is amazing.  A perfect movie to lift my spirits cause I am still sucking back some codeine laced medicine, Labyrinth has it all from a Lucas produced, Henson directed fantasy escapism that pulls us in with some dazzlings puppet works and an overall fun movie to watch.

I wish I could type more but I am groggy as hell so this will have to do.


Movie of the Day – The Pagemaster

I need another bedtime story and after watching The Princess Bride (seriously still an amazing movie), I was reminded of this long forgotten gem when going through some perfect sick time movies.  Man, regardless of the critics review, I love this movie and the book that inspired the movie.  It was a movie about literature and the exploration of your imagination within the confines of books.  Sure it was a big advertisement to go to your local library, but hell it worked for me and the story telling was fantastic.

The Pagemaster goes between live action and hand-drawn animation, beautifully I might add, while breathing to life some of the most memorable moments in the pages of literature.  The Moby Dick scene was amazing, especially as a young kid, the fantasy elements were captivating and even going back as an adult, I am stunned by the voice work that was involved.  Christopher Lloyd, Frank Welker, Patrick Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg and more!

It’s what you would imagine how books could come to life and and while it feels a bit disjointed and suited for a more television special feel, the movie still holds your imagination in the best way possible.  Now the meds are kicking in, so I bid you all a good night!

The Pagemaster 1a

Movie of the Day – Hook

Rufio! Rufio! Ru-Fi-OOOOOOOOOOOOOh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Movie of the Day – Big Fish

Tim Burton is a director that I seem to be torn between liking and hating his work.  I think he is currently stuck in this MOMA exhibit of a career where he just takes old properties and adds a veneer of Gothic, Hot Topic look and makes Johnny Depp dress up in weird clothes and acts frilly.  He does the same thing again and again, which gets tiring to watch as he can make amazing movies without having to resort to the old stable of characters, thematic elements, familiar score and overly gothic imagery.

Today’s film proves that he can evolve and present us something amazing and unique, while still retaining what makes him the director that we are familiar with.  Big Fish is a film that manages to take all the familiar tones of a Burton film, but present in a way that blends all those elements together to tell a beautiful narrative with a Southern, Gothic fantasy twist that lends well to his talents.

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Movie of the Day – Westworld

Man, how come Westworld doesn’t exist?  A world in which you can live out your fantasy that just happens to be inhabited by robots.  I guess it is like Fantasy Island, but you know, with robots, which are cool.  Well it was a cool idea in theory until Westworld showed us that robots can become the sentient killing machines they truly are, so it kind of ruined the fun of going to a nerdtastic Fantasy Island.  I got to admit though, Westworld is a pretty interesting science fiction about rich people going to live our their fantasies and shoot robots for fun and then having the very robots go ape shit on them.  Also Yul Brenner is a bad ass bald cowboy robot.

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Movie of the Day – Reign of Fire

Dragons, Christian Bale, dragons, Shirtless Matthew McConaughey, more dragons and Gerard Butler.  Reign of Fire has everything man, even for a slightly B-movie plot line and story development, Reign of Fire is totally one of my guilty pleasure movies.  To me, it is a mix of all those science fiction, fantasy novels that somehow shoehorn dragons into the mix, but I will be damned if it isn’t an enjoyable action romp about a world where dragons own the sky and people are left with only a fight or flight response.  HA, cause dragons can fly.  Get it?

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Movie of the Day – Conan the Barbarian (1982)

Hell Yeah!  This is what I am talking about, the classic 1982 flick that pits Arnold up against some equally huge dude in a film that, honestly, captures the spirit of Conan better than the 2011 remake, Bronan the Brobarian.  Don’t get me wrong, the remake was entertaining except for the extreme bro-ish parts like when Conan frees those slaves by the port and then it turns into a weekend at the Hard Rock Casino pool.  Not really the Conan I remember but it’s made for the Redbull chugging crowd nowadays.  To me, this will always be the superior version of the series and that is what’s best in life.

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