Movie of the Day – Lilo and Stitch

What a vastly underrated Disney animated movie.  Lilo and Stitch certainly was one of those Disney movies that might have seemed like a lower tiered Disney release, one not destined to have the trappings of a usual princess fare with some sort of whimsical nature.  No Lilo and Stitch is actually a much deeper animated adventure, one that goes into the idea of family, belonging and friendship.  It isn’t all seriousness, as the movie brings one of the most likeable characters to the screen, Stitch.  Plus this is kind of a girl and her dog bonding happening, which I am a dog person so this speaks right to me.

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Movie of the Day – Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Oh man, oh no, it’s going to happen, this ending to the movie is going to make me tear up.

Just…stay…stong…it’s going…to…be….*sobs*

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Movie of the Day – Air Bud: Golden Receiver

Let’s be honest, no one is really doing anything today other than the following three things: Watching the Super Bowl, watching the commercials during the Super Bowl, or watching the Puppy Bowl.  For me, nothing beats watching puppies playing in the annual Animal Planet Puppy Bowl event.  I mean why would anyone want to watch grown, burly men tackle one another, I will never know.  So today is more or less a phone in for today as I will be bartending tonight at the Alamo while we are showing great movies like Hansel and Gretel or that one movie with Stallone or whatever.  I anticipate it will be dead today.

So for today’s post, why not combine both dogs and football.  AIR BUD BITCHES!

Air Bud Football 1a

Also Air Bud is apparently so damn talented that he can play both Football and Basketball.  Next you are going to tell me that he can play soccer.


Son of a bitch that dog is amazing.  Also WORLD PUP, I would watch the fuck out of that.

Movie of the Day – It’s a Wonderful Life

Well folks, I realize my post this evening is a bit later than usual, but I just came back from my side job at the Alamo Drafthouse in downtown Kansas City.  This evening was a special one as tonight we were showing It’s a Wonderful Life on two screens.  I lobbied to have the hosting duties for the evening as it has been a movie I have grown up with, mostly due to my father’s love of the film.  So I got the gig to host both showings and was absolutely floored that we sold out both showings.  As a film fan, it made my heart swell that a movie made in 1946 is still touching generations of movie watchers and getting them out to the theaters to experience this unintentional Christmas classic.

Now I have grown up a lot since my first viewing of the film.  I always thought Pottersville was pretty fucking sweet with booze, burlesque and fights on Wednesday nights.  It seemed like a great town to me at a young age.  Over the years though, I understand what makes this movie timeless and why it ended up becoming this holiday classic despite the directors insistence that it was never intended to be a Christmas movie.  It’s the message at heart, one that James Stewart learns over the course of the movie that your worth in life isn’t measure by material or even monetary possession, it’s the people that are in your life and the lives of those that you have touched.  That is what you need to take stock in and that is what life means.

It’s a movie that was panned upon its release, lapsed into copyright default to the public domain, and then found its home amongst the Christmas special rotation.  A movie that over the years since the 70s, has touched the lives of those that have seen it.  Capra and Stewart created a movie that has lived on through the years and to see all those people out at the two sold out shows tonight was amazing.

So today, I present the movie in its entirety for those that have not seen it.  Enjoy!

Its a wonderful life 1a

Movie of the Day – Big Fish

Tim Burton is a director that I seem to be torn between liking and hating his work.  I think he is currently stuck in this MOMA exhibit of a career where he just takes old properties and adds a veneer of Gothic, Hot Topic look and makes Johnny Depp dress up in weird clothes and acts frilly.  He does the same thing again and again, which gets tiring to watch as he can make amazing movies without having to resort to the old stable of characters, thematic elements, familiar score and overly gothic imagery.

Today’s film proves that he can evolve and present us something amazing and unique, while still retaining what makes him the director that we are familiar with.  Big Fish is a film that manages to take all the familiar tones of a Burton film, but present in a way that blends all those elements together to tell a beautiful narrative with a Southern, Gothic fantasy twist that lends well to his talents.

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Movie Review – Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson has made the most Wes Andersony movie ever.  That is not a bad thing mind you, so don’t let that opening be misleading.  If you love Wes Anderson films, you will love his latest offering, Moonrise Kingdom.  If you are unfamiliar with Wes Anderson and his idiosyncratic filmmaking, here is a bullet list of the stuff you will see in his movies….all of them:

  • Kids acting like adults
  • Adults acting like kids
  • Strained family dynamics
  • Plaid
  • Esoteric musical choices
  • Scenes that are dead center framed
  • So much whimsy
  • Magical setting that seem created in a different world
  • Bold type font
  • More whimsy
  • Bill Murray being fucking awesome

This bullet list is pretty much the expectations you will have when you go into a Wes Anderson film, but all these elements used in someone else’s movie, doesn’t seem right.  All these things are uniquely refreshing and cohesive when given to Anderson, but it sometimes strays into the familiar territory that leads me to the impasse of Moonrise Kingdom.

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Movie of the Day – Biutiful

At some point in time, I need to compile a list that has my top directors of all time.  I usually find myself saying, “this” director or “that” director as being on the best or favorites of mine, and it happens a lot.  While this list and rambling might be better suited for that actual post, whenever it gets made, this leads me into one of my favorite directors.  No doubt about it, this is top ten quality here folks.  Alejandro González Iñárritu, a Mexican director (VIVA MEXICO!) has only four feature films to his filmography, but every single one of the is truly beautiful and moving in every way possible.  It is kind of fitting that I use that term “beautiful” as today’s film is titled after the Spanish orthographical spelling of the English word “beautiful”.  Like most of his movies, there is a grimmy, dark feeling that showcases the depths of humanity in its darkest times, but ultimately are some of the most gorgeous and heartfelt films around.

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Movie of the Day – 3 Ninjas

I don’t know what is happening here, but I just can’t seem to get away from the martial arts fair of the early 90s.  With TMNT II and Surf Ninjas being covered recently, I just want to revert back to my childhood.  Who could forget the antics of young, white suburban kids learning the ancient art of nut kicking from Egg Shen of Big Trouble in Little China.  I am certain that this movie did more for the strip mall dojo’s in getting kids excited about becoming little crotch kicking ninjas.  I bought into this movie, the notion that us little kids could take on a ninja syndicate and save the girl with out nut kicking prowess and tiny fists of fury.  It’s a movie that would spawn countless knock-offs and sequels that sadly pale in comparison to the one true heir of young Bruce Lee wannabes.

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Movie of the Day – The Messenger (2009)

On this Memorial Day, I know it is weirdly customary for some reason to watch war movies.  Now I am all for a good war film, but watching a film like Platoon or Saving Private Ryan on a day when we are honoring veterans doesn’t seem a bit kosher to me.  Maybe it’s just me, but that is how I feel.  So if you were to watch a film about war or about people who served in war times, I think today’s film pick is an unsung film that captures the emotional impact and somber effect about those who have served and what their service means to family or loved ones.  The Messenger is a film that looks at the other side of war, the one where people don’t come back from their war to their families and friends, instead the news is broken to them all by the words of servicemen tasked with the most difficult job of all.

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Movie of the Day – Nil by Mouth

Can we all agree that Gary Oldman is badass and remarkable actor.  I mean he has been on an amazing kick these past several years with memorable roles and even going further back into his filmography with the over the top villains and heroes that make this man a joy to watch on screen.  While I should be talking about film that he has a prominent role in for today’s post and early praising I did, I want to concentrate on something that few people have probably seen or even heard of.  Back in 1997, Gary Oldman wrote and directed a film that ended up on Britain’s Top 100 British Films of all time.  It has won numerous awards and BAFTA’s galore, but it was the only film that he has directed or written, never coming back behind the camera.

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