Movie of the Day – Drive (LP Edition)

So I have talked about this movie several times in the past, mainly since I first reviewed it and then another time when it was also a Movie of the Day post as well.  But today folks, today is special.  The LP Edition of this post is mainly so I can show off two pieces of Mondo goodness that are related to the movie that I have gotten in the past month, basically culminating with the acquisition of the long awaited Mondo Drive LP pressing. Behold!


Yeah I even managed to score the rare pink pressing of the LP.  I can’t even begin to tell you all how excited I am and that this LP is the little brother to this beauty that is currently hanging up in my house:


So yeah I feel that with today’s haul, this is a good enough time to pick Drive as my Movie of the Day.

You know the drill, here is an excerpt and  link to the original review I did to the movie and really, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, DO IT!

Have a good day!

It’s rare when I will come out and say “that is a perfect movie”.  Everything just vibes and connects so well that it’s a seamless experience watching the movie.  I love having my expectations altered in the movie and the play on the genre was refreshing and changed the game for me.  I have been impressed with Refn’s previous movies and this is no exception.  Refn take the simplistic genre of action and car chases, injects it with this European sensibility and gives us one the most stylish movies of year.  Shocking and beautiful violence, electro-pop soundtrack tempo, strong character types, and an unconventional genre skewing film all produce one of my favorite movies of the year.

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Movie of the Day – Drive

Drive.  I could go at length about how amazing this film is and how it was a damn travesty that it wasn’t nominated for more Oscars other than the sound mixing one which was just a meager bone thrown to the fans of Drive.  I guess that is why I am posting about it today, to make a point about how unbelievable this movie is.  Sure, the movie is made out to be this Fast and Furious clone, which I guess if you are in it for the car chases, you won’t enjoy this movie.  Hell, some lady sued the people who made the movie because the trailer made it seem like a action film.  While I that lady should kick rocks, I guess that might be a deal breaker for a lot of people.  If you can look past this “flaw”, what you will fine is one of the most dynamic films that is a genre mash-up like no other.

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Awards Season – 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Well, as a semi-respectable, maybe not so much, let’s say occasionally read film blogger, I can’t ignore the overuse of commas in this sentence and the fact that it is awards season for movie.  Pretty much between now and February 26th, which is the Oscars, there are roughly 7 awards shows that will all award the same thing, I hope that won’t happen, but who knows.  While the Oscars is the big enchilada for all those films, I needed another article to write and predicting the upcoming Golden Globes will be entertaining for me and hopefully fun for you to read and tell me how wrong I am in my selections.  So, with the prestige and honor that comes with awards season, time for me to pick my selections for the Golden Globes, which will take place this Sunday January 15th.

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Movie Review – Drive

Drive has been this little enigma in the midst of big summer movies, slowly creeping up the release date schedule as it comes off the end of the summer movie season.  I had blogged about this movie before, getting excited to see what the Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn will come up with next.  If you aren’t familiar with his works, I suggest you get on Netflix and check out his films Valhalla Rising, the cult smash Tom Hardy driven film Bronson and his Pusher trilogy.  All these films are the product of a meticulous director and one that encapsulates cinema.  His films have been in the back of my mind and I consider Bronson to be one of the best unseen movies around and it was a Tom Hardy vehicle as well.  So when Drive came about, it was this signal to the start of his first mainstream movie.  A director that gets a shot like this needs to come out of the gate and Drive was going to be the pace car for his debut.

What got me excited was the premise and the cast.  Most notably was the dramatic actor Ryan Gosling taking the wheel as the lead and having him become this rough, action star.  Judging by the trailers, we were going to get a fuel injected shot of adrenaline and kinetic action scenes that would set the stage for a fantastic movie.  Well if you aren’t familiar with Refn’s movies, you were going to get something both unique and intense.  So avoiding reviews and press releases, I got an opportunity on Sunday to get a glimpse at Drive.

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Trailers of the Week – Drive & Saving Private Perez

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, you got to be excited about trailers, I mean they are the best part of a movie and I am bringing you trailers without having to sit through a movie!  Alright, so maybe getting trailers without a movie is bad, but just read my most recent Movie of the Day post and you can just watch that immediately after this post.  Two more trailers for your enjoyment which will cover Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest film Drive and the self proclaimed #1 film in Mexico, Saving Private Perez.


Isn’t Ryan Goslin so dreamy?  I mean badass, yeah fucking badass playing a stunt driver by day, then getaway driver by night.  I like the premise of the movie, I love the cast of this film (Ryan Goslin, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, Christina Hendricks, and Ron Perlman), but most of all it is directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.  Nicolas Refn is one of my favorite up and coming directors, mainly for his work on Pusher Trilogy.  The Pusher Trilogy is not that shitty Chris Evans flick Push, but a stylish Dutch Gangster film.  Utterly impressive and engaging in its story, those films got me interested in his work, which then led me to the film Bronson.  Anyways, I like his work, I like the cast and I am excited about seeing Drive.

Saving Private Perez:

Tenemos una película que se trata de algún cártel de la droga llamativo, de ir a Irak para salvar al hermano de los jefes, y todo porque a la abuela que quiere y es una película de lengua y mejilla sobre la actual guerra … 02 de septiembre no puede llegar lo suficientemente pronto.  Una de las cosas más interesantes de la película, además de la comedia de humor negro y absurdo de la película, es que esto parece más grindhouse en la naturaleza de las películas grindhouse típico. Definitivamente soy un fan de apoyo a las películas extranjeras que van fuera del género típico que se meten pulg.

Es genial ver una película mexicana que no trata de amor (Y tu mamá también), las duras realidades de la vida de México (Amores Perros) o el slapstick, la comedia degradante (cualquier programa de Telemundo). Estamos llegando a ver una comedia pan muertos que se burla de la gravedad de la guerra, por tener carteles de la droga extracto de uno de los suyos de una guerra en curso.

In short, this looks wonderfully hilarious and a refreshing release from Mexico.