Movie of the Day – Lilo and Stitch

What a vastly underrated Disney animated movie.  Lilo and Stitch certainly was one of those Disney movies that might have seemed like a lower tiered Disney release, one not destined to have the trappings of a usual princess fare with some sort of whimsical nature.  No Lilo and Stitch is actually a much deeper animated adventure, one that goes into the idea of family, belonging and friendship.  It isn’t all seriousness, as the movie brings one of the most likeable characters to the screen, Stitch.  Plus this is kind of a girl and her dog bonding happening, which I am a dog person so this speaks right to me.

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Movie Review – The Lone Ranger

When you have a Armie Hammer, everything looks like a nail.

That sentence has nothing to do with the movie itself, but I guess The Lone Ranger itself doesn’t have anything to do with The Lone Ranger of the past.  Yes, the inevitable mining of intellectual properties by Hollywood has led to them resurrecting The Lone Ranger himself into a modern day blockbuster filled with Johnny Depp, action, Johnny Depp, more extraneous action and did I mention, Johnny Depp.  The Hollywood juggernauts behind the Pirates series decide that the American Western needs more Jack Sparrow and ridiculous run times to the proceedings to make it palpable for the current film going public.  Let me just say this right off the bat, this cowboy should have rode off into the sunset, never to be seen again.

Lone Ranger 1b

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Movie of the Day – The Sandlot (Anniversary Edition)

Guys!  You Guys!  You won’t believe it but The Sandlot turned 20 a few days ago.  I mean, shit I am old.  I just picked up the 20th Anniversary edition of this movie and I think I can safely say that is easily one of the best teen/kid/sports movie of all time.  This just takes me back when I caught this at the theater like 8 times during one faithful April in my youth.  I even talked about this movie in a previous Movie of the Day post, but I feel the need to take a trip down memory lane with a highlight reel of some of the best moments from this movie for it’s anniversary.  SANDLOT EVERYONE!  SANDLOT SANDLOT!

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Movie of the Day – Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Oh man, oh no, it’s going to happen, this ending to the movie is going to make me tear up.

Just…stay…stong…it’s going…to…be….*sobs*

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Movie of the Day – The Lion King

This would be my first Disney animated movie that I have chosen for The Movie of the Day post so yeah for me.  I feel that everyone loves this movie so why waste my breath in telling you why it’s a great movie.  Typically I explain the plot, what I like about it and why people should see it if that haven’t seen it already.  But I don’t want to do any of that today.  In fact this is pretty much all I am going to say about it.  I am sure people will say I am phoning it in, but to be honest there is one particular reason that this movie holds a special place in my heart and it’s because of the opening song and sequence.  If you have pets, you will know why this is downright special.

Hit the jump for the reason why The Lion King is today’s selection.

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Movie of the Day – Blank Check

I had to come back to this movie after my recent string of early 90s movies that passed themselves off as kid/family entertainment.  I remember Blank Check as a wise-cracking kid film that shows how far a million dollars can go in 1994 and the sort of wish fulfillment that I dreamed of if I had the sort of cash that the kid had.  I mean, come on, a castle, a wall of tv’s and all the toys you could want!  Well this movie does offer up some terrible life lesson and glaring defects in the banking and enforcement industry.  Also, I guess a million dollars was a lot in 1994, but that wouldn’t even seem like a lot in 2012, that is if this movie were to be remade, which it might cause Hollywood loves to do remakes.

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Movie of the Day – D2: The Mighty Ducks

SUCK IT all you international pee-wee hockey teams out there.  USA USA USA USA USA USA!  When ducks fly together, they can’t be stopped.  Except they make easier targets for Duck Hunt enthusiasts and trained hunters.  Listen, I don’t have much to say on this movie cause it is one of the most bombastic, chest thumping kid film sequels to ever hit the screens.  I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid and thinking that you could actually do the knuckle puck shot that Kenan Thompson does only to realize that the physics and trajectory of said shot doesn’t really match what the movie shows.  But I will say this, D2 is probably one of the best sequels to a kids movie ever, so move over the Bad New Bears go to Japan.

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Movie of the Day – The Mighty Ducks

Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack!  EMILIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Alright in all seriousness, The Mighty Ducks is awesome.  Damn you Disney and your feel good sports movies about a rag tag group of rejects being coached by former child hockey star that is only there because he is ordered to by a court.  There is no denying the greatness of this concept and how familiar it is to the movie watcher, but it’s about a Pee Wee Hockey team, which is serious business.  So form up in the Flying V and get ready for Slapshot, the kid version.

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Movie of the Day – Heavyweights

All my time of watching movies have given me numerous life lessons.  In particular, I have learned a lot about the camping experience.  I have found that there are three types of camping scenarios:

  1. The typical sex romp camping experience where the counselors are banging other counselors and the campers are promiscuous little devils
  2. The camp that has some sort of supernatural experience and campers start getting murdered
  3. The camp experience that involves the combining of numbers 1 and 2 to satisfy two demographics, and lastly
  4. The fat kid/loser camp.

I am certain you can tell be the trailer and title which sort of camp experience this will be.  Heavyweights for me, is probably one of the best camping movies of all time.  I don’t give a shit about Friday the 13th and the murder rampage that went on or some other generic comedy, this is what it’s about.  Let’s start Perkisizing suckers!

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