Movie of the Day – The Day After Tomorrow

Well the snow storm Rocky came and surprisingly it wasn’t that bad.  I mean yeah my dog gets lost in the snow drifts that are currently sitting in my backyard, but he’s a dog and he liked jumping around in them.  Although snow storm did look cool for the time it was happening, it was made better by my hate watching of The Day After Tomorrow, a movie that is so grandiose and bad, that I actually enjoy the large scale, global destruction cause Roland Emmerich is the fucking Picasso of end of the world movies.  Oh yeah, it’s time for a global scare.

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Movie of the Day – Melancholia

The destruction of the world never seemed so elegantly breathtaking.  It’s not unfair to the viewers and readers to say that this film is about the end of the world.  I am not spoiling anything since the destruction of the Earth happens in the first 5 minutes of the film set to some of the most gorgeous cinematography  that von Trier has ever done.  Imagery that is both haunting and serene at that same time, sets the ultimate mood for a film that chronicles the the lives of a family learning to deal with this oncoming celestial body.  Lars von Trier promised to deliver a film with no happy endings and I guess  destroying the world is the only way to give us a truly sad ending.

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Movie of the Day – Daft Punk’s Electroma

You like Daft Punk?  I love Daft Punk!  So why not have a Daft Punk “movie” as today’s choice for movie of the day.  This is one of Daft Punk’s little known live action movie where we get to see the duo on film.  What is interesting about this movie is that it started out as a music video for their single “Human After All” and then mid production just decided to expand it out to a full length feature.  So while not a typical movie (little to no dialogue) Daft Punk still manage to craft a gorgeous looking movie and give it their signature futuristic flair.

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Movie of the Day – Save The Green Planet

Save The Green Planet is an out there movie, but not in terms of story telling or visuals, but just in the way that the trailer and the movie just assaults us with frenetic visuals and a very unique look.  The movie itself is this mash up of different film genres, mixing horror, comedy, drama, thriller, sci-fi and action all into this tightly bundled story.  The trailer told you exactly what to expect, a story about a man who believes that the earth is going to be destroyed by aliens and kidnaps his boss who he believes to be an alien.  Yeah, it sounds as weird as the movie is, but man is it a fun ride.

I admire Korean Cinema, mainly for their attitude towards tackling film genres.  Save The Green Planet is just a giant grab bag of genre’s, which you would think might hurt the movie by not having a clear voice.  This is not the case as the movie and story is just so wonderfully bizarre that when it mixes and changes genres on a whim, it works so well.  The interaction between all the characters lends for fun dialogue and good situation humor.  I think this is best viewed with an open mind.  Don’t go into it expecting to get it right way or looking for something deeper.  The story line and setup is wacky enough to get you interested and makes for a very enjoyable movie.

Trailers of the Week – Melancholia and The Bang Bang Club

Another week down, another set of trailers to get you excited about up coming movies.  This time we will take a look at Lars Von Triers “Melancholia” and Steven Silvers “The Bang Bang Club”


Another entry from Lars Von Trier and this looks to be amazing.  If you have never seen a Lars Von Trier movie or are familiar with his work, his movies aren’t the pleasant happy endings that we expect in movies.  Lars Von Trier is delivering his latest movie off the heels of “Antichrist” which was utterly divisive for some people.  While the subject matter is grim, the man can tell a story and have incredibly engaging visuals.  Lars Von Trier stated that his films will have no happy ending from here on out and Melancholia looks to be the first in his promise.

Melancholia tells the story of two sisters, played by Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg, who are both having disputes with one another and in their lives.  When a new planet emerges from behind the sun and threatens to collide with Earth, we see the two sisters become distant and on opposite ends of emotions.  Kirsten’s character is complacent with her life and becomes melancholic with her fate.  Charlotte’s character becomes fearful and frightened, unsure of what is going to happen.

The interesting thing about this movie is that it is established in the opening scene that this rogue planet destroys the Earth.  There isn’t a happy ending to be had since we know the ending, but rather we jump back to the lead up Earth’s destruction and view how each character copes with the inevitable.  I am excited to see another Von Trier movie and the concept of no happy endings has me intrigued.  The trailer and tone is beautiful, with the sweeping music and gorgeous cinematography.  Von Trier may tell depressing stories, but they are well shot and beautiful to watch.

The Bang Bang Club:

Another movie that is catching some early buzz in the film circuits.  The Bang Bang Club is about the real-life story of a group of war photographers and their involvement during the early 90’s in South Africa.  The movie will cover the fall of the Apartheid in South Africa, the release of Nelson Mandela and his presidential run.  The movie looks engaging and moving as we bear witness to what conflict photographers must deal with while covering atrocities and conflict.  The movie looks to cover the idea of non-involvement in certain situations.  Photographers are supposed to be on the sidelines of conflicts, never picking a side and always looking from the outside.  I hope that movie goes into the aspect never getting involve with the subjects that they are covering.  A lot of the war photos we see now cover both sides of the situation in order to put issues into perspective.

I don’t know much else about the movie, other than I want to read the book that the movie is based on.  I am not sure when this will get a release, but rest assured that when it does, I will be there to see it.