Movie of the Day – Detropia

The collapse of the American dream is happening right now.  Detropia was one of the most evocative and haunting documentaries I caught last year at True False Fest and now that it is available for streaming on Netflix, this is a documentary I have to bring up.  We see it everyday on television, we see in our city and community, and I might not be effecting us directly, but I can assure you that this is something can and probably will happen to us sooner or later.  Detropia is documentary that shows the aftermath of the collapsing American dream.  It’s focus, Detroit, a city that was a bustling mecca for automobile makers, the burgeoning middle class and the effects of a collapsing economy when the jobs move overseas, the government becomes broke and a city is on the cusp on folding up.  This is about as real as it can get.

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Movie of the Day – Melancholia

The destruction of the world never seemed so elegantly breathtaking.  It’s not unfair to the viewers and readers to say that this film is about the end of the world.  I am not spoiling anything since the destruction of the Earth happens in the first 5 minutes of the film set to some of the most gorgeous cinematography  that von Trier has ever done.  Imagery that is both haunting and serene at that same time, sets the ultimate mood for a film that chronicles the the lives of a family learning to deal with this oncoming celestial body.  Lars von Trier promised to deliver a film with no happy endings and I guess  destroying the world is the only way to give us a truly sad ending.

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Movie Review – Melancholia

I found it interesting that back in 2009, director Lars von Trier said that his next films after Anti-Christ, were going to be devoid of a happy ending.  As a fan of his work I chuckled at this statement since I have seen Anti-Christ and Dancer in the Dark numerous times and never really found happiness in any of the endings.  I mean unless you were happy with the penis splitting good time that was Anti-Christ, I guess someone at least found something to be happy about.  Lars von Trier is a bit of a polarizing director, especially if you are only interested in him as a passing film fan.  He loves to revel in the grandiose story, harsh acting and stunning visuals to a point where you either love the man or hate him.

There is no denying though, even if you tuned into some of his movies in just the passing glance on Netflix one night, that his films are absolutely beautiful to watch.  So being a fan of his, this new science fiction project was something out of his comfort zone.  I was intrigued with the premise about viewing a film which doesn’t have a happy ending.  It goes against a lot of the pillars of film making or the pillars that we have become comfortable with as a viewing audience.  With so little known about the movie initially, the only bits of information we had to go off of was that the movie dealt with the destruction of Earth by a planet called Melancholia.  Melancholia, a name which means sadness in Greek, is not only the driven force behind the film, but also the emotional set piece for the study of depression and contemplation on the end of our lives.

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Movie of the Day – O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I wanted to write about a movie that was not only a unique retelling of a centuries old story, but also has a rather catchy soundtrack.  Alright, it’s really about the soundtrack, the retelling of an old story is just a bonus, but how can you deny the charm that O Brother, Where Art Thou?  One of my favorite Coen Brothers film, they were able to take an old tale of Homer’s Odyssey and place it during the 1930’s around the time of the Great Depression.  The film follows the travels of 3 brothers who escaped from a chain gang and set out to retrieve some stolen cash that was hidden before their incarceration.

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