Movie of the Day – Another Earth

Much like The Tree of Life post a few days ago, I am going back through my older reviews and bringing them up as a special movie of the day post.  It’s not for the lack of the material or wanting to make my posts simpler, but rather I feel that some of these movies were overlooked when they were released.  With the shortening timeline from theatrical release to home video release, this allows for another opportunity to see a movie that I said was one of the best science fiction movies this year.  If you read my original review of the movie, it was practically glowing.  I have never been so moved by a trailer and so evocative that I needed to see this movie.  I don’t get terribly excited about movies to the point where a trailer is enough to get me through the door.  I have probably seen that trailer over a dozen times and each time the opening sequence is done and the Cinematic Orchestra comes on to accompany the trailer, I feel a sense of wonderment about this movie.

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