Movie of the Day – Sneakers

Man, why don’t they make more movies like this?  I almost completely forgot about this gem until I was looking up Robert Redford movies to Netflix and this technological thriller was on prominent display.  I think the thing that is most shocking about this is that the director of Field of Dreams, Phil Alden Robinson, went on to director this movie three years after his baseball film and it was a completely different change of pace from the moody drama’s that he is known for.  With that little bit of film trivia known, does anybody else love watching older films and their depiction of technology during that time?  I really love seeing movies like Hackers and what they think hacking is really like.  Sneakers falls into that category that Hackers does, except that it is way better and even slightly more interesting because of a cavalcade of top notch actors lending their skills to this movie.

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Movie of the Day – Hackers

Well, it was bound to happen, I decided to choose one of those so bad it’s good kind of films.  We all have those movies we like that are kind of  bad, but they are good for their short comings.  Mine is Hackers, a 1995 film about the fringe and underground society of hackers that do what they want, when they want, all through the use of the emerging technology that is computers.  Now I don’t know much about hacking, but it looked really cool when I was ten and if all the hacking chicks looked like Angelina Jolie, then I need a powerbook duo and a slick hacking name.

Hackers is one of those enjoyable movies where you sit back and think to yourself, hacking is not like that.  Shit, computers weren’t like that.  From what I have seen from documentaries and the Matrix, hacking isn’t all that glamorous.  Maybe I wasn’t part of the that fringe culture but whatever, this movie is so bad it’s good.

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