Movie of the Day – A Woman, A Gun, and A Noodle Shop

Have you ever thought to yourself that while you were watching the sublime Coen Brothers film “Blood Simple” that there would be a different take on the film?  Maybe wondering what it would look like if say a famous international director decided to pay tribute to the movie with his/her vision of the story line?  Well folks your prayers are answered as Zhagng Yimou decided  that Blood Simple needed to be remade with some Asian period piece flair and today I will talk about the exciting and wonderful remake, A Woman, A Gun and A Noodle Shop.

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Movie of the Day – Burn After Reading

I honestly question people who don’t enjoy a Coen Brothers movie.  I mean their films are just flat out amazing, funny, well cast, and genuinely some of the best movies around.  They can mix genres wonderfully, actually almost seamlessly, they can play serious in one movie and then give us a comedy the next.  I sit in anticipation for everyone of their movies and I own practically every single one of their films on DVD.  While some might be saying. “why isn’t this about The Big Lebowski” or “How about No Country for Old Men”, I have a certain affinity for this movie and I also covered The Big Lebowski in an earlier post.  Besides, you don’t need me to tell you why The Big Lebowski is a good, it just is.  So Burn After Reading brought together a stellar cast, a wacky plot, and all the dark comedy trappings that make their films so enjoyable.  Plus coming off the high of No Country For Old Men, we needed a little something comedic to make us push the image of Anton Chigurh out of our minds.  God that villain was frightening.

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Movie of the Day – O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I wanted to write about a movie that was not only a unique retelling of a centuries old story, but also has a rather catchy soundtrack.  Alright, it’s really about the soundtrack, the retelling of an old story is just a bonus, but how can you deny the charm that O Brother, Where Art Thou?  One of my favorite Coen Brothers film, they were able to take an old tale of Homer’s Odyssey and place it during the 1930’s around the time of the Great Depression.  The film follows the travels of 3 brothers who escaped from a chain gang and set out to retrieve some stolen cash that was hidden before their incarceration.

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