Shit Movie of the Day – Catwoman

So you are the basically the “it” woman in Hollywood.  You won an Oscar for Monster’s Ball, became a Bond Girl, showed your breasts in Swordfish and got mad money for doing that.  You are at the top of your game, a proverbial platter of projects that producers would love to have you in and you think to yourself, “comic book movies are in right now, why not do one”.  It’s an honest thought, wanting to be in the latest Hollywood movie trend, so you use your status to get a starring role instead of being just that white-haired woman from that mutant movie.  Then it happens, you get the role of a lifetime, a starring vehicle as one of comic’s sexiest and complicated hero/villains out there and it is all yours.

The sad thing is, the movie is directed by a guy with one name, Pitof, and saddled with 20+ script writers and the movie is Catwoman, or at least Catwoman in name only.

Someone should have buried this deeper in the kitty litter.

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Movie of the Day – Casshern

If you are interested in movies that look like video games, then this will be the movie for you.  I have seen a lot of movies in my time, but none that really just go for the visual spectacle like Casshern does.  How it escaped my eyes for several years, I must say that I took the recommendation of Netflix to check this out after watching Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow (I liked that movie, so what) and sat there glued to my TV by the visual onslaught of a large, production budget for effects and nothing else.  Yeah, it kind of plays out like a video game that is all style and no substance, but damn if this isn’t one of the prettiest movies out there.  For an Asian release anyways.

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