Movie Review – The Watch

I love science fiction.  I love comedy.  I thought that the two genres of film might make beautiful love, but instead end up circle jerking one another in the Akiva Schaffer directed sci-fi comedy The Watch.

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Movie of the Day – Greenberg

If you have never seen a Noam Baumbach film before, you might be a bit off put by the subject matter.  There is a certain nuance to films and the fact that he capture the little complications of life that plague us in the back of our mind.  Where we are in life, what we see ourselves doing, and coming to terms with the our place in life, whether good or bad.  His writing is snarky, often dark in terms of humor, but there is a sort of catch that their characters have that draw you into the story, even if it is more or less about pretty white people with pretty white problems.  Hey, he writes what he knows and what he is comfortable with, I can’t fault him for that.  But Greenberg is one of the more mature films he has done in a while, one that evolves into a film that tries to find a resolution between what we project about ourselves to people and what we feel about ourselves inside.

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Movie of the Day – Heavyweights

All my time of watching movies have given me numerous life lessons.  In particular, I have learned a lot about the camping experience.  I have found that there are three types of camping scenarios:

  1. The typical sex romp camping experience where the counselors are banging other counselors and the campers are promiscuous little devils
  2. The camp that has some sort of supernatural experience and campers start getting murdered
  3. The camp experience that involves the combining of numbers 1 and 2 to satisfy two demographics, and lastly
  4. The fat kid/loser camp.

I am certain you can tell be the trailer and title which sort of camp experience this will be.  Heavyweights for me, is probably one of the best camping movies of all time.  I don’t give a shit about Friday the 13th and the murder rampage that went on or some other generic comedy, this is what it’s about.  Let’s start Perkisizing suckers!

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