Your Generic Summer Movie List Part 3

Well now that the summer is into its final stretch with the August release schedule, to be honest, August doesn’t have a really strong release schedule.  We typically see weaker films trying to scrap the last of the summer crowd before going back to school or back from vacation.  August releases always seem to draw a lot of movies that have had production issues and distribution problems that get them relegated to the month of August.  While there are a few gems to be had, most just seem like quick cash grabs and don’t really excite most movie goers.  There seem to be a handful of horror movies, a remake of a classic movie (in my opinion) and some comedy movies.  So lets see what should be worth a look this August.

The Whistleblower:

An intriguing story line, early talk of some award buzz apparently for Rachel Weisz, this sort of seems like another Constant Gardener style movie.  The subject matter has makes a tense movie, with Weisz playing a Nebraska cop who uncovered a sex scandal in the UN and her efforts to bring justice to those who were effected.  It is in limited release, but I am betting that it will make a wider release in September.


If you go back and read the last trailer of the week post, I gave this movie some unbelievable love as this movie looks gorgeous and the story seems fascinating and unique.  A unique visual style and a touching story, this has been getting tons of praise from most major film blogs and my excitement is growing.  As soon as this is released at my local theater I am there.  No questions about it.

30 Minutes or Less:

Danny McBride, Nick Swardson, Aziz Ansari, and Jesse Eisenberg in an R-rated comedy about two guys using a pizza delivery guy to rob a bank for them while chaotic shit happens all around them.  Yeah I am there.


Something something, Luc Besson directing, something something Zoe Saldana in a catsuit as a hitman, something something where do I send my check for this movie.

That is it for the month of August, I guess if you really don’t like my list, you can go watch Fright Night or Spy Kids 4 in smell-o-vision, maybe see that lame looking Conan reboot.  Hell you might want to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but let me just post this trailer and save you the trouble of seeing the movie since it tells you the entire plot of the movie and practically the ending.

Trailers of the Week – You Said What? & Bellflower

Time for another roundup of film trailers that caught my eye this week and hopefully will get you motivated to check them out when the time comes.  We got a unique Norwegian trailer about a group of guys making a movie under, well rather peculiar circumstances.  Last is a trailer for a movie that I have been reading up since it’s debut at Sundance and the crazy amount of buzz it has been generating across every film site, Bellflower.

You Said What?:

Not a lot of love for Norwegian films are being bestowed upon the country.  Typically we just get to see these weird and offbeat movies like Troll Hunter and Dead Snow, mainly because of the eccentric subject matter they decided to film.  But today’s trailer is kind of a film nerds dream.  The movie is about a  group of guys into film, holding a fake casting audition to find their friend a girl, but end up having to make an actual movie.  Shit it’s Peter Stormare in this movie and is very reminiscent of the Troy Duffy documentary, Overnight.  It shows the absurd chaos behind the scenes of trying to make a movie all while telling a relationship story.  More than likely this will be a VOD release or even hitting Netflix sometime soon.


This movie was practically the darling of Sundance.  Just do some movie review searches on Bellflower and you can read the utter adulation that it is receiving.  The trailer is beautiful and showcases the unique film techniques and camera work that the film makers created for the movie.  I am excited that this movie is getting an August release and hope with all my heart that the movie comes close to a theater near me.  The story of the movie follows two close friends who build Mad Max inspired death vehicles and flamethrowers for the hopes of an apocalypse that they will be well prepared for.  The lead actor ends up meeting a woman who changes his life around and they embark on a journey that runs the gamut of emotional hardships and turmoil, greater than what an actual apocalypse can bring.