Movie of the Day – Return of the Street Fighter

I have not done a Sonny Chiba movie in ages and the fact that my Sonny Chiba collection Vol. 1 is sitting within eye shot of my desk, scowling at me for not watching some of his amazing movies.  It was an easy choice today in selecting a Chiba flick to talk about or barely talk about since today’s is a sequel to The Street Fighter which is not the Van Damme video game movie, but a pure kick ass martial arts movie.

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Movie of the Day – Total Badass

I think that we all want to be a total badass at some point in our life.  Unless of course you are already a badass then you should probably avoid this subversive documentary that chronicles a true badass, lest you question your own badassery.  With that said, this is a weird ass movie about a guy who is a legend around Austin, TX for living the fringe life of society, while dabbling in guinea pig contests and diving into trashcans.

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Top 10 Most Badass Movie Villains

Top 10 Most Badass Movie Villains

By Luke Physioc

I like bad guys.  Even the heroes l like are generally anti-heroes.  My two favorite comic books when I was a kid were Batman and The Punisher.  I liked them mainly because they were regular guys with no special powers aside from motivation from personal loss (and Bruce Wayne had a bit of a trust fund).  But I also liked them because they were sometimes as messed up as the bad guys they were fighting and they sometimes allowed their personal rage to overpower their heroic tendencies and would get a little carried away when doling out justice.

When it comes to cartoons, it just came down to who was cooler.  Am I going to root for He-Man whose day job is being boring Prince Adam of Eternia who wears pink pants, or am I going to root for the guy who has blue skin and a skull for a head?  Duh, I am going for Skeletor!  The Ninja Turtles had Shredder who had his own personal army to hand out ass kickings while he didn’t even have to get his hands dirty, he just hung out with a brain who chilled in a giant robot wrestler suit!  C’mon people – smarter, not harder!  Speaking of personal armies – look at GI Joe!  GI Joe was a group of ragtag soldiers who just threw on whatever felt good and somehow managed to defeat Cobra on a daily basis.  Cobra had the Joes smoked when it came to numbers, training and organization.  Plus, Cobra had three leaders – Destro, Cobra Commander and Serpentor!  Who even led the Joes?  Duke sort of did, but he also just seemed to be a temp.  It just didn’t make sense.

Villains also have more fun and they dream big while never quitting.  They’re always maniacally laughing while trying to take over the world no matter how many times their personal resources are shot by some slick haired do-gooder.   You have to appreciate a guy who sets a goal and shoots for the stars.  So without further ado, I am going to list my top ten favorite movie villains.

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