Movie of the Day – Shut Up, Little Man!

I like to think of myself as a lot of things, mainly a purveyor of all things internet related from memes to viral material that seems to permeate our pop culture infused lives.  It is just my nature to consume useless amounts of trivia, which also makes me a valuable member to any trivia team.  But I will admit, I knew nothing about the underground viral phenomenon known as Shut Up Little Man.  I mean, who else really has heard of it?  Don’t be one of those douches that chimes and be like I listened to it before it was cool and shit cause you are full of shit.  In all honesty, the audio verite spread through the underground scene by the exchange of cassette tapes and eventually making it’s way to the airwaves through radio.  Who would have ever thought that listening to an odd couple roommate situation would have yielded some interesting, cultural talking points.

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